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How We Do Business Differently

The way that Multi-Clean Cleaning Services does Commercial Cleaning Tulsa business differently than other business can be explained in several ways. Listed below are the ways that we serve our customers and employees better:


  1. Better Employee Service

Multi-Clean believes that the key to our success is to push Employee Service first rather than customer service first. The Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Tulsa team’s focus is making sure that our employees are the best and are treated the best by:

  1. Ensuring that we hire only the best employees, the best includes those that are trainable and have fantastic attitudes about cleaning. Let’s face it, cleaning toilets is not glamorous, but when put into the context of having a safe and healthy environment in an office, having a clean toilet is everything. Having a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and do what is necessary to get the facility clean is key to customer success.
  2. We encourage and train our employees correctly and give the continuing training by receiving texts that give them pointers and helps on how to clean difficult areas.
  3. We give our employees regular encouraging notes on their cleaning barrel along with a few dollars to buy a pop on the boss.


  1. Quicker Customer Service

Multi-Clean believes that customer service is not good unless there is a rapid response to requests and concerns brought up by the customer. Our management team is always staying ahead of any issues that might arise in a facility. Many issues arise due to faulty facilities or building issues. When this happens we email the customer immediately and notify them of the problem so they are aware when they arrive in the morning. When the issue is of a critical nature, we have after hours phone numbers that we use for contacting the customer.


Most companies “say” they have good customer service, but actually responding quickly to what you say you are going to do is where the rubber meets the road in true customer service.


  1. Offering Full Service

One area that Multi-Clean does business differently is by offering all of the Commercial Cleaning Tulsa services that a customer will need. Not only the basic cleaning service, but also, we offer professional carpet cleaning, stripping and waxing of floors, pressure washing, window cleaning. We also can provide consumable products such as paper towels, toilet tissue and trash bags and have those delivered to the site by our own team. We call it one stop shopping in the cleaning industry. One Invoice, One Phone Call.


Our Guarantee

In a business world, where you never really know what you are going to get and signing a contract can always be risky. Multi-Clean Cleaning Services offers a Build Your Trust offer. In the Build Your Trust offer, the Commercial Cleaning Tulsa customer assumes little risk in hiring Multi-Clean as their commercial cleaning service. Multi-Clean must prove themselves to the customer and provide outrageous service to earn that business.


The Build Your Trust Offer is this:

50% OFF of the first months billing. This will give the customer a chance to test drive, try and buy, and give the Multi-Clean team an opportunity to prove themselves to the new customer. This gives the customer the chance to make sure they made the right choice in their Commercial Cleaning Service. Our goal is to Build the Trust of YOU, the customer, by actually not making a profit in the first month of business by proving that we are the best and most efficient Commercial Cleaning Service our new customer could have hired.



  1. Complete Janitorial Services

Multi-Clean Cleaning Services can provide a comprehensive and custom cleaning service to any commercial building. Our services can be available on any schedule from 7 days per week, or as little as 1-2 days per month. We provide a thorough list of services including, trash removal, restroom cleaning and disinfecting, High and Low dusting, professional vacuuming, 2 styles of mopping floors, entrance glass door cleaning. We can also customize our cleaning services to the needs of the particular customer.


  1. Professional Carpet Cleaning

Multi-Clean is one of the few Janitorial services in the state of Oklahoma that owns their own Commercial Cleaning Tulsa truck mounted carpet cleaning unit. This machine allows us to deep clean carpets throughout any facility. Our unique equipment can get the water as hot as 205 degrees and the vacuum motors remove up to 90% of the moisture in the carpet allowing quick dry times. Multi-Clean can also help with any type of flooding that can happen within the customers building whether it be a roof leak or rain that has come in through an exterior door. Truck mounted carpet cleaning processes are recommended by all of the leading manufacturers of carpet throughout the United States.


  1. Floor Waxing

Multi-Clean sets the standard when it comes to waxing of floors. We only use the very best stripping compounds and the highest quality 20% solids floor wax. We demand the best from our team and our team delivers. We always apply a minimum of three coats of floor finish to all applicable floors. When a floor does not require floor finish such as ceramic or other types of terrazzo, we recommend a deep scrub with the proper acidic rinse to ensure removal of all cleaning residue.


  1. Construction Clean Services

The Multi-Clean construction team is one of the best in this region. Many companies including Flintco, Manhattan Construction among others depend on Multi-Clean for their final-clean needs. Multi-Clean has provided services to buildings ranging from 4,500 square feet of the Mahogany’s restaurant to 285,000 square feet of the new Quik Trip Distribution center all the way up to the newly built 600,000 square foot River Spirit Casino Hotel and Resort Center. We offer the most excellent equipment, safety PPE and knowledge of the construction cleaning industry in the region.


  1. Auto Scrubbing of Warehouse Floors

Multi-Clean provides Karcher, the most innovate Automatic scrubbers in the industry. We have the capability to move from site to site with our equipment trailer and also have the capability to remain in one location over a period of time.


  1. Window Cleaning

Multi-Clean has the capability of cleaning any type of window. Our teams can clean 1st story windows, construction windows, and even have the capability to clean multiple story buildings. Our Commercial Cleaning Tulsa teams can clean buildings of 10+ floors by hanging over the side of the building.