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Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa

Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning specializes in Commercial Cleaning in Tulsa. Multi-Clean has always believed in taking care of our Commercial Cleaning services Tulsa Customers. Commercial Cleaning is what Multi-Clean has always been great at. Multi-Clean focuses on commercial cleaning of commercial buildings. Multi-Clean does not clean houses, homes, or apartments. Commercial cleaning consists of several major basics of success in the commercial cleaning business. We like to make sure that each office that we clean is ready for business each day. We communicate regularly with all our customers and our employees to ensure consistent quality. We do more than just empty trash and clean the restrooms, we develop relationships with our customers that can last over years, and even decades. 


Medical Office Cleaning Tulsa & OKC

Medical office cleaning in Tulsa and Oklahoma City is a specialized cleaning service. With so many bacteria and viruses out there in these facilities, it is important to make sure that we use the proper cleaning materials for this type of medical cleaning. Multi-Clean currently uses a product called NABC by Spartan Chemical Company. The NABC disinfectant is a very powerful cleaner that works on a variety of bacteria and has even been tested to work against the HIV virus. Wearing proper PPE, also known as Personal Protection Equipment, is very important in medical office cleaning in Tulsa and OKC. This PPE protects the employee cleaning from any type of disease, virus or bacteria that might be present while the cleaning technician is cleaning the building.


Office Cleaning Tulsa & OKC

Office cleaning for Tulsa and Oklahoma City is the basic cleaning for any office building. Not only does Multi-Clean offer amazing follow-up (just check our reviews), but we also make sure that your office in Office Cleaning OKC and Tulsa is taken care of daily. We take care of the entry glass doors, your trash, cleaning and disinfecting the restrooms, and we make sure that your floors are swept and mopped each day. Multi-Clean also only uses professional grade equipment such as sanitaire vacuum cleaners and Rubbermaid mop buckets.


Church Cleaning Tulsa & OKC

We consider it a privilege to clean some of the best churches in Tulsa and OKC. With that privilege comes a lot of responsibility in keeping not only the staff of the church happy with the cleaning but also the hundreds of members of the church as well. Multi-Clean understands the unique demands that churches require. We focus on the sanctuary and the restrooms which is one of the hot spots for churches. Also, the main entrance is key because this is where guests get their very first impression of the church. Christian churches want to make a good impression and represent the name of Jesus Christ well.


Construction Cleaning Tulsa & OKC

Multi-Clean has had the privilege of serving some of the largest construction companies in Oklahoma by allowing us to clean their facilities. Our largest construction clean was that of the most recent Amazon building on Highway 169 in North Tulsa. This facility had over 4 million square feet that Multi-Clean was responsible for taking care of. The enormity of the facility brought on challenges of better, stronger and faster equipment. Our team of 15-20 did a great job taking care of this job. Working with the construction superintendent is key to success in construction cleans. During these cleans none of the Multi-Clean employees carry any heavy debris, we only perform cleaning tasks such as window cleaning, dusting inside and outside of cabinets, machine scrubbing hard surfaces flooring, vacuuming and carpet cleaning just to name a few.


Janitorial Service Tulsa & OKC

Janitorial Service is the most basic of all the services that Multi-Clean has offered over the past 30 years. We got out to start cleaning 1 church and a hair salon. We offered basic cleaning of both buildings. We consider the janitor to be one of the most important people in any building. For example, if the CEO of a company does not come in for the day, no one really notices. However, on the flip side, fi the janitor does not come in for one day, then the whole company knows, and the restrooms smell and are not dirty. So, this goes to show that janitorial service is Tulsa and OKC is a very important task for any commercial building.


Restroom Cleaning Tulsa & OKC

Restroom cleaning in Tulsa & OKC is a very important job. In the post covid world making sure that restrooms are cleaned properly has become very important to all our customers. Deep restroom cleaning is not only important for Medical Facilities by also for office buildings, commercial buildings, and churches and schools. The Multi-Clean team cleans all the surfaces in the restroom during each night’s service. We clean the inside and outside of all the toilets, urinals, and sinks. We make sure that the mirrors are free from smudges and fingerprints. Also remembering to fill the toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap and other sanitary products in restrooms is as important as getting the restroom cleaned on the first attempt.


Disinfecting Service Tulsa & OKC

In the Covid world, disinfecting all the surfaces is a very important job for your commercial janitorial service in Tulsa and OKC. When the Multi-Clean team is disinfecting your surfaces, we use only top hospital grade disinfectants that kill most if not all the viruses and bacteria present. Our team also uses proper PPE while cleaning to ensure safety for all that are involved. Let Multi-Clean take care of your Disinfecting for you in Tulsa and OKC.


Floor Waxing Tulsa & OKC

The Multi-Clean floor team takes pride in stripping and waxing resilient tiles for all applications. There is nothing like walking into a building with super shiny floors. Our team is careful to strip all the old wax off of the floor, rinse the floor, and apply a minimum of 3 coats of wax to your floor. The Multi-Clean team in Tulsa & OKC highly recommends that the floors get high speed buffed on a regular basis.


Warehouse Floor Cleaning Tulsa & OKC

Since warehouse floors usually cover large areas within a facility, it is very important to always use a professional automatic scrubbing machine to properly clean the floor. These automatic scrubbers can be used on treated concrete as well as untreated concrete. The automatic scrubbing machine dispenses the cleaner onto the floor, then scrubs the floor and vacuums the dirty water into the dirty water tank. Afterwards the dirty water is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.


Carpet Cleaning Tulsa & OKC

Multi-Clean is proud to use truck mounted carpet cleaning machines for their professional carpet cleaning applications. The truck mounted machines can get the water to over 200 degrees which allows maximum cleaning of your facilities carpets. Please contact your Multi-Clean manager today to set up a carpet cleaning at your facility.


Floor Cleaning Tulsa & OKC

Floor Cleaning can mean a host of things in the commercial cleaning business. Multi-Clean takes pride in having and using only the very best floor cleaning equipment. Multi-Clean has recently upgraded many of our vacuum cleaners to battery technology. This allows the cleaning team to move efficiently throughout your building, school, commercial building etc.