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Multi-Clean Janitorial Service has been serving the entire state of Oklahoma since 1993. That is over 30 years of serving the metro areas of Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Multi-Clean in Janitorial Service Tulsa has been serving several segments of commercial building cleaning and janitorial services.

Multi-Clean started Janitorial Services in Tulsa back in 1993. The very first customer of Multi-Clean was a small and growing church by the name of Regency Park Church of the Nazarene. Regency Park Church is located near 51st and Memorial in Tulsa. Kevin Thomas, the founder, and owner of Multi-Clean cleaned this church building for several months until the company began to grow. At that time, he did hire his first supervisor, Vicki. Kevin had developed a good relationship with the Church, the receptionist and the Pastor and helped them out in many more ways than just Janitorial Service Tulsa.

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Multi-Clean Janitorial Service offers a complete list of janitorial services for all of our customers. Below is a list of the services that we offer.

Complete Janitorial Service

Multi-Clean offers a variety of custom cleaning services and quotes for any commercial building. Multi-Clean currently does not offer residential janitorial services. Our janitorial services include, vacuuming, emptying trash, sweeping hard surfaces, vacuuming carpeting and rugs, cleaning entrance glass doors, waxing hard surface floors, carpet cleaning with a truck mounted unit, and carpet cleaning with a portable carpet machine. Multi-Clean also offers auto scrubbing of warehouse floors, window cleaning, and disinfecting services. Disinfecting services include but are not limited to disinfecting and wiping, and electrostatically fogging commercial buildings. Multi-Clean is one of the largest and most successful Janitorial Services Tulsa in the area. We offer complete services so that the customer does not need to look elsewhere for other services. One Call will provide you with all the services that you need.


Professional Management

Multi-Clean Janitorial Services Tulsa does not subcontract or use the franchise model for hiring its cleaning employees. All the Multi-Clean employees are what is called W-2 employees. Our managers are responsible for building relationships with our customers and developing those relationships over a long period of time. Getting to know them on a personal basis is key to success in that customer relationship. We also encourage our managers to build trusting relationships with our employees. We make it a regular occurrence to check in with our cleaning teams during the daytime and make surprise visits in the evening to ensure quality for our customers. Our Operations team in Janitorial Service Tulsa is also trained in many aspects of the business. They understand the complexities of stripping and waxing floors, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, restroom care as well as disinfecting surfaces with our products Halt and Bioesque.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Multi-Clean Janitorial Service Tulsa is one of a few Janitorial Services in the state of Oklahoma that owns their own Truck mounted carpet cleaning unit. The Pro-Chem machine that is utilized by our carpet cleaning team allows the team to professionally clean up to 300 feet away from the carpet van with excellent high pressure and enough water lift to effectively clean any commercial or residential carpet. The temperature of the water is usually above 200 degrees, which is the optimal temperature for cleaning carpets. The adjustable valves throughout the Pro-Chem machine allow the carpet technician to clean at a pressure between 200-800 PSI. The 3 things that maximizes carpet cleaning are listed below:

    1. Time – This would be considered dwell time for the chemical to sit on the carpet and work on the dirt and spots that are sitting on the carpet. It is important to make sure that the chemical sits long enough to effective clean the carpet
    2. Temperature – In Janitorial Service Tulsa, the hotter the water the more effective the cleaning procedure will be. Will like to keep the water above the 200-degree mark.
    3. Agitation – When cleaning a very difficult and very dirty carpet, the carpet technician must use agitation to brush the carpet. The technician uses a carpet rake to rake across the carpet to loosen any hard to clean stains and allows the chemical to get in between the fibers to get a deep steam clean in the carpeting.

Proper Equipment

Multi-Clean Janitorial Services only uses the best and highest technology equipment and chemicals when cleaning your professional office, industrial site, school, church, or other type of professional facility. Multi-Clean uses exclusively Spartan Chemicals for our main cleaners. The first is the clean on the go glass cleaner. For restroom cleaning we use the clean on the go NABC nonacid surface and bowl cleaner. For more difficult spots inside the toilet and on water fountains we use the clean on the go Acid Bath and Shower Cleaner. Spartan Chemical is a leader in the Janitorial industry, and Multi-Clean Janitorial Service has decided to use these products to better serve our customers.


Floor Care

Multi-Clean is a leader in the Janitorial Service Tulsa industry. Our knowledge of floor care is unsurpassed in our industry. The Multi-Clean floor care team can clean most commercial flooring. Ceramic floors can be cleaned with only a swing machine that goes side to side to scrub the flooring. Because ceramic tile has been sealed, there is no need to put floor wax on the tile, which makes it better for long term maintenance. When applying floor finish to floors, it is important to make sure that all the old wax is properly stripped from the floor surface. The most common mistake when waxing a floor is not rinsing the floor to remove all the residue. The residue will include dirt and left-over wax. The new floor wax will not adhere to the floor when there is residue on the floor, and the floor will not have a good appearance for the Janitorial Service Tulsa customer. Multi-Clean can be contacted at 918-523-8300 in Tulsa and at 405-600-9790 in Oklahoma City. The Multi-Clean Janitorial Service email is Kevin@multiclean1.com. Please contact us for any janitorial service questions that you might have. Have an Awesome, Safe and Amazing Day!!