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Janitorial Commercial Cleaning Services


Multi-Clean offers complete Janitorial Services for Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Our services can be customized to your specific type of building. We are familiar with all kinds of facilities, from Industrial, Multi-Tenant properties, medical, schools, churches as well as office buildings. Our services include keeping your building in pristine condition by emptying trash, dusting, cleaning, and disinfecting the restrooms is among the list of our daily duties we perform. Offering professional and commercial cleaning services was the reason we started Multi-Clean. Our commitment is not only to our customers by mainly to our employees. We believe that taking care of our awesome employees is vital to the success of our company. 


Professional Carpet Cleaning


Multi-Clean commercial cleaning services is one of the few Commercial Janitorial Services in the state of Oklahoma that operates and owns its own Truck Mounted carpet cleaning unit. This unit allows the Multi-Clean carpet team to reach up to 5 floors in a commercial building with a reach of over 500 feet. 

The method that we use is called hot water extraction. In this method the water gets to over 200 degrees which allows for the deepest “steam” to reach to the bottom of the fibers for not only a deep clean, but the hot water will also disinfect the carpet fibers with such hot water. Our teams are trained to clean commercial and residential carpets. Multi-Clean carpet cleaning also can work on small water related leaks and small floods from entrance doors. Multi-Clean has the fans and drying units to help dry the carpets in most commercial buildings.


Floor Stripping and Waxing


Floor waxing has been the cornerstone of Multi-Clean services since Kevin Thomas started the company over 29 years ago in 1993. Each strip and wax job that the Multi-Clean team performs is done with pride and care for the look and shininess of your floor. We understand that having a good first impression is very important currently, and having shiny floors gives the impression to potential customers that you care about the cleanliness, safety, and overall appearance of your building. We start by completely stripping all the wax from the entire floor. After the stripping process, we rinse the floor with an approved acid rinse to bring the floor back to neutral. We then apply a 2nd rinse to ensure that all the stripping materials are removed from the flooring. After a drying time, we apply 3-4 thick and protective coats of floor finish to your floor. The result is always a nice beautiful and shiny floor. 


Floor Scrubbing


There are times when waxing a floor is not possible or when you have a floor such as concrete and is these cases it is not practical to apply wax to the floor. The Multi-Clean floor crew will lay down a thick layer of water and cleaner to the floor, then use a rotating floor machine, usually with a Red, Green, or Black pad to remove the debris. The Red pad is the least aggressive and is usually used on interior floors and the black pad is always the most aggressive pad. The Black pad is used for stripping and waxing floors, and it can also be used when scrubbing concrete floors in warehouses to remove difficult stains and grease spots that might be left over from an industrial location or possibly a car repair center.  Having clean floors is the hallmark of any image of todays commercial and retail businesses. Multi-Clean is here to serve you for your needs. 


Emergency Cleans


Multi-Clean has encountered several types of emergency clean situations in the past 29 years of business. The most familiar is the water damage clean up. The Multi-Clean carpet team can come into your office and extract water that has come in from a storm or rain and set up drying equipment to dry your carpets quickly and effectively.  Another type of service is electrostatic fogging. This type of service is especially helpful when dealing with any type of influenza virus outbreak, as well as the Covid-19 virus outbreak. The electrostatic fogging process allows the particles to be electrostatically charged which allows the molecule to cling to services and kill and eliminate harmful viruses that may be present. Other emergency services include:  1. Hey the boss is coming in from out of town, and we need to get these restrooms and floors cleaned. 2. Deep cleaning of restaurant floors to remove grease and food build up from years of neglect. 3. Just a good deep clean, or spring cleaning.


Construction Clean Up


Multi-Clean has worked with numerous construction companies over the past 29 years in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas with final cleans for new and existing construction sites.  The Multi-Clean team specializes in removing debris, heavy dust and giving the building a general cleaning prior to handing over the building to a new tenant. Multi-Clean can also offer deep scrub services with the rotary floor machines as well as using an Automatic Scrubber for large areas. The Multi-Clean team is also trained to handle higher cleaning as well. We can utilize lifts to reach higher cleaning challenges. During these cleaning periods, safety is of utmost importance. Our team uses full body harnesses to keep the operator and cleaner safe while cleaning in high locations. 


Multi-Clean has been 29 years of serving the Tulsa and Oklahoma City Areas. Multi-Clean also serves the following cities near Tulsa. Broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso, Collinsville, Skiatook, North Tulsa, Bixby, Glenpool, Pryor, Muskogee, Tahlequah, Gore, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Pawhuska, Bartlesville, Claremore, Coweta, 


In Oklahoma City, Multi-Clean Commercial Janitorial Services works in the following areas: Moore, Norman, Mustang, Yukon, Edmond, Midwest City, Chickasha.


Most Recently Multi-Clean has grown into the state of Kansas.