I highly recommend them! I have used Multi Clean and have been for the last five years. They always follow up and do a great job

Ken W.

General Parts, Tulsa, OK

We have used Multi Clean services in the past and have been nothing but satisfied with their performance. Anytime we need anything we would just reach out and they are always quick to respond. Not only their performance, but their customer service is great. I do highly recommend them if you are looking for janitorial or carpet services for your company.

Anna D.

Home Depot Pro, Tulsa, OK

I have worked with Kevin and Multi Clean for several years. They always get positive reviews and do a great job keeping the carpets clean and keeping my tenants happy. I would highly recommend them.

Mark C.

Dow Properties, Tulsa, OK

We have Multi Clean come in and take care of our needs for our janitorial services. We hope that you guys can find the same experience!


Lovato’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA, Oklahoma City, OK

I want to give a big shout out to Kevin and Multi Clean on a great job. I love all the things they did with us and the people they sent out to work with us have done an incredible job. We have used them for about two years now and they have done a great job. They came out to visit with us first to assess where they are going to be cleaning and gave us a good reasonable price. I recommend Kevin and Multi Clean!

Smiley E.

Smiley’s Champion Fitness, Tulsa, OK

Multi Clean came out today did our carpets. I would definitely recommend them. The carpets look great and they did a fantastic job. Super Friendly and got us taken care of.

Lillian F.

Holly’s Bar & Grill, Tulsa, OK

I absolutely love working for Multi Clean! I’ve worked there for three months and I plan on being there for a lot longer! They are an amazing company!


Holly’s Bar & Grill, Tulsa, OK

I recommend Multi Clean for several reasons. We have worked with Multi Clean for the last six months and the service has been impeccable! Our bathrooms are always clean, our suite is always clean and I would definitely recommend them for reasons such as credibility, professionalism and security.


CEO - Silverleaf Senior Cannibis and CBD, OKC, OK

Multi Clean is the only company I would call. They are the third company that I have had in five years and they are doing an outstanding job! They have been by far the most consistent cleaning company that I’ve dealt with.

Scott L.

WTI, Tulsa, OK

I could not recommend them more, so if you are currently looking shopping around for a commercial cleaning service check out Multi Clean. They have amazing systems and their staff is great. They are timely.  They are accurate. I have known Kevin Thomas for the past year now and without a doubt Multi Clean is one of the best commercial cleaning services that you can experience.

Jason B.

ThriveTime, Jenks, OK

I love Multi Clean! They are always on time and everything is always done nice and neat. They have always been consistent and do good work every week. They are always very reliable and I recommend them to anybody else!

Travis D.

ProActive Sport and Spine, Broken Arrow, OK

Our church has worked with Multi Clean over this past year and we have loved working with them. Our kitchen looks really nice now compared to always looking kind of junky. Every room is set up nice for the next time we use it. The sanctuary looks now looks really nice and we can invite people to come in and see a clean house We have a lot of folks coming through here every single day and so to be able to keep up with all this we needed a company who could come in and not only keep it clean, but actually help organize everything and keep everything straight looking nice all the time.!

Chris B.

Wesley Chapel Church, Tulsa, OK

I have worked for Multi Clean for a little over two years off and on. I love my managers and working with the different staff and the flexible schedules. Overall, they are really great to work for!

Courtney C.

Courtney C. – Tulsa, OK

We have had a really good experience with Multi Clean. They take care of our entire church including our sanctuary, offices, restrooms, and classrooms. Even when we have had some issues, they have been really quick to respond to those situations and taken care of them in a timely manner. We have been really pleased with our experience with Multi Clean. I highly recommend Multi Clean to other churches or other businesses!

Steve L.

Pastor, Tulsa, OK