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“We had to give up significant space temporarily and disrupt production while the floor was refinished. They arrived early because the floor needed significant effort, and they finished on time, giving our production space back in under 6 hours…they were value-priced and high quality work…we almost need sun glasses to enter the area!”
– Richard B.
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History of Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa


Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa began back in 1993, when Kevin Thomas, the only owner of the company decided to branch out on his own and start his own Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa, Oklahoma. Multi-Clean believes that each client is special and that our goal is to have a unique relationship with each one. However, we also believe that our employees are equally if not more important to the Multi-Clean philosophy. Multi-Clean believes that if we take care of our employees and give them the best and most effective tools then in turn our employees will take care of our customers needs. 


We strongly believe that all the details truly matter. We give our small customers the same attention as our large customers. 


Having positive relationship with our customers is of utmost importance, we believe that not only cleaning a building is important, but more importantly is to invest in the lives of our employees, leaders as well as our customers. 


Multi-Clean Mission Statement


By glorifying God and honoring biblical principles, we believe in the best for our customers, employees, and their families. We strive to provide outrageous follow up, excellent communication and unsurpassed knowledge of the cleaning industry to serve our customers’ needs.


Philosophy & Vision


We at Multi-Clean believe in treating each customer, employee, and vendor with the same respect. Multi-Clean is committed to sharing our profits with the less fortunate around the globe. Multi-Clean believes in funding mission trips and humanitarian aid to Local organizations and areas such as Cambodia, Vietnam and South America. Multi-Clean is also active in supporting local organizations in Oklahoma. We emphasize family first and work second, and without this philosophy the business model that we believe in would not succeed. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your company with your cleaning needs. 


Giving Back

Giving back is at the heart of the owners Kevin and Karen Thomas. Since Multi-Clean started back in 1993, the heart of the owners has been to give back to those in need. The Multi-Clean team continues to focus on giving to single mothers struggling to make payments to their bills. Working with local homeless shelters and giving them support and even job training both in cleaning and in basic living skills.

The reason we big back is because we have personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and He has commanded us to take care of widows and orphans. We believe by giving back, that not only are being good stewards of the things God has blessed us with, but it also allows us to be His hands to the world around us. Whether that world is down the street or in another country.  Considering this philosophy, we enjoy giving in several ways. The first way is with our finances. We give a percentage of profit from every customer to several charitable organizations locally and worldwide.  We also donate clothing and cleaning services to local churches and other ministries. 


 2 ministries that we have given to regularly in the past are below:


CRU Logo                                  Fight For The Forgotten Logo




Fight for the Forgotten was founded by Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren. Justin in a former UFC and current Bellator MMA fighter. This ministry is a 501c3 organization that is nonprofit.  They are dedicated to defending those that cannot typically defend themselves, which includes the weak, loving those that are unloved and giving power to those around the world that have no voice in their own city, country, neighborhood, and school. 

Justin Wren and his team work alongside indigenous people that have been displaced in countries such as Africa. Some of these groups are in West Africa and they help ensure they have human rights, and that their physical, mental, and emotional health needs are being taken care of. 

Justin also helps with youth programs and does bullying intervention training. This training also includes developing the character of youth. 


Campus Crusade for Christ – CRU


Campus Crusade for Christ is an organization started by Bill and Vonette Bright in Southern California. The Bright family saw that there was a need to train leaders to go into the world and tell others about Jesus Christ and His significance in our lives. Bill thought the best place to train leaders is to go to where the leaders are. Colleges and Universities. The Campus Crusade Philosophy is to Win new people to Jesus Christ through evangelism, Build them in their faith by one-on-one discipleship in small group bible studies. And then finally to Send them to the world to tell others about Jesus Christ and the how to have a personal relationship with him. This Sending can include working in Full time ministry with the Campus Crusade team, or it can mean to work as a disciple maker in their job or career.