Church Cleaning

Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa and Oklahoma City is committed to working with churches and keeping them clean. Church cleaning Tulsa, and Church cleaning Okc offer up unique challenges for church cleaning. Because churches have such a variety of ministries and opportunities throughout the whole of the church, getting an exact time to clean can sometimes be difficult. Church Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa and Church Cleaning Okc in general the cleaning company and the cleaning team or crew must have a very flexible schedule. Churches typically have Sunday morning services which makes it difficult to clean churches on Sunday mornings. Many churches today however are still going virtual, this option allows the cleaner to do some of the cleaning on Sunday evening. Many churches also have evening services, and these services typically start around 6 pm and the services usually end around 8 pm. The great thing about working with churches is that the staff and team are usually very friendly and easy to work with. It is typically the scheduling of cleaners that can make the relationship so difficult. 


School Janitorial Service

Multi-Clean has risen to the challenge to clean several schools over the 29 years that Multi-Clean Commercial Janitorial Service has been in business. Most cleaning crews like the schedule that schools have because they close early closing times around 4 pm. School cleaning is a very consistent style of cleaning where you clean the same classrooms and buildings on a regular basis. The challenges come in for School Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa and School Cleaning Okc is when they have special events. Special events can include but are not limited to sporting events such as: Basketball, football, volleyball, and other indoor sporting activities. They will typically get the gymnasium as well as the restrooms very dirty from all the traffic that is at these events. Schools also have floors that that can be treated with wax to give them a great shine.


Outdoor Event Cleaning

Multi-Clean Commercial Janitorial Service also offers outdoor event cleaning. Outdoor event cleaning is usually for a large event such as the Tulsa State fair, or the Oklahoma state fair located in Oklahoma City. The events usually have a lot of trash associated with this type of cleaning. Other types of outdoor event cleaning are the Cherokee Nation Tribal annual Pow Wow meeting in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. This event is spread out over several venue locations. The Pow Wow is by far the headline event where as many as 100,000 people will attend this 2-night event. The cleaning usually begins around 12 noon and finishes near the 2 am mark. The crews are obviously very tired, and in the end, we have thrown away over 1000 large bags of trash. During the event the crew will utilize golf carts to take the trash from the location to one of many trash dumpsters. Our team will also wear bright yellow shirts so that attenders know that we are there to clean and that we can also help them with any questions they might have. 


Construction Cleaning

Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa and Multi-Clean Commercial Janitorial Service Okc is also very active in the commercial construction final cleaning side of the business. Below is a list of some of the sites that we have performed final cleans for:


  1. River Spirit Casino
  2. Amazon
  3. Quik Trip Center
  4. Moms Meals Food Processing Center
  5. Osage Casino
  6. Cherokee Casino
  7. Veterans Affairs
  8. Office complexes
  9. Jenks School District


A Typical construction clean will last anywhere from 1 week to up to 4 months depending on the size of the construction site. The Construction site is lead by a General Contractor who gives instruction to the team at Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa and Multi-Clean Commercial Janitorial Services OKC.

Most of the work involved in Final Cleans of Construction cleaning involves getting the building ready for the new tenant to occupy this space. There are a lot of cleaning procedures that are used in the process. Most of this work involves wiping and dusting. We will usually start at the top of the room and dust or wipe down and then finish the room with either a vacuum or mopping. Occasionally we will need to wax the floor if the room has vct tile. Ceramic tile only needs to be mopped. It is not necessary to wax ceramic tile. 

The Multi-Clean team also make the restrooms for use. There is much detail dusting required in these areas. The toilets on the inside and outside will need to be cleaned and disinfected. The Chrome surfaces will also need to be cleaned as well as any surfaces on counters and mirrors as well. The Multi-Clean team will also fill all of the paper towel and toilet paper dispensers as well as the air freshener and soap dispensers when those products are available from the customer. On occasion, Multi-Clean Commercial Janitorial Services Tulsa will sell the consumable products to the customer.


Janitorial Conventions (Yes, they really have these)

One event that the Multi-Clean leadership team attends is the annual International Sanitary Supply Association and Building Services Contractor Annual Convention. In the past the convention has been held in Las Vegas Nevada. During these conventions, the vendors and manufacturers will introduce to the janitorial services that attend all the new technology and new equipment that has recently been shown by these companies. There are also classes that can teach advanced skills in cleaning, as well as how to deal with customers, and how to train and work with employees and cleaning crews. 

Some of the latest technology that Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa, and Multi-Clean Commercial cleaning OKC has seen has been the coming of the battery powered vacuum. The battery powered vacuum, although are more expensive than a typical Sanitaire vacuum are big time savers for the cleaning crew. There is no cord that needs to be plugged and unplugged which allows the cleaning crew a continuous cleaning process with no interruptions. The annual convention also allows the Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning OKC management team to meet other Janitorial services that operate all over the country and share ideas in a safe environment. Many well thought ideas and planning can be shared during these times which benefits all involved. 


In this Multi-Clean Photo gallery is sort of a recent history of some of the cleaning and events that the Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Tulsa has been involved with. Be sure the check back often because we will soon be revealing more photos for your enjoyment.