The mission of Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Services is to improve the lives of our employees as well as our customers through providing excellent follow up, customer service and by creating amazing relationships.  Multi-Clean will accomplish this goal through several strategic steps.


  1. We will pay our employees better than other companies pay their employees. Multi-Clean believes that having better employees is the absolute key to success. When our employees feel appreciated by receiving better pay, and by getting respect from the management team and ownership of Multi-Clean the ultimate winner is the customer. This is the bedrock of customer service. We would rather pay our employees better up front than have to apologize for quality later.


  1. We will train our employees continuously. All Multi-Clean employees receive an initial training packet. This packet is gone over with the employee on their first night training and discussed. After the initial training, Multi-Clean has continuing training through a program that we call Text-To-Train. Our employees receive regular texts from the management team to remind them about what the customers’ expectations are.  We also take this time to have contests and competitions among employees whereby they can receive rewards and bonuses.


  1. We believe in whole person encouragement to both our employees and customers. We believe that cleaning is just our job and not our life. We encourage our employees to be involved with their families and get involved in a local Bible believing church. When an employee driven company has employees that are satisfied in their personal lives, it reflects in the type of work they do, and once again the customer is the one that reaps the rewards.


  1. We are a giving company. A portion of our profits are given to those in need. Multi-Clean ownership donates funds monthly to churches and missions all over the world. These locations include, Cambodia, China, South America as well as missions in the United States. We also make advances available at no charge to our current employee team.


Our ultimate goal is to make better people at Multi-Clean Cleaning Services. These better people then clean better, sweep better, mop better, and in the end everyone in the circle wins.


Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Services’ core values focus on the performance of the employee which ultimately drives the success of the company through satisfied customers. The Multi-Clean team does this through the following steps.


  1. Proper Tools

Multi-Clean only used the best cleaning materials available. Our chemical line is by Spartan, the leading manufacturer of cleaning chemicals in the industry. Spartan has a system of chemicals that are easy to use, easy to understand and allow ease of use for our employees. Spartan has specialized chemicals for glass and surfaces, an excellent restroom cleaner called NABC that has been shown to kill the HIV virus on surfaces. Spartan also has a very good acid cleaner that is effective on hard water and cleans the inside of toilets well.

We also use the best equipment. Sanitaire and Oreck are the most efficient vacuum cleaners in the commercial cleaning services industry. They are extremely durable and made with the highest quality parts and standards in the vacuum industry. Multi-Clean does not and refuses to use cheap plastic vacuums.

Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Services also use the highest quality microfiber towels available for cleaning. These towels insure that surfaces are cleaned properly each night.

  1. Continuous Follow Up and Training.

The Management team at Multi-Clean is not trained to just deliver good customer service, they are trained to deliver Outrageous customer service. In the cleaning industry this means that we respond immediately to any request or emergency that a customer has. Our customer base knows that when they have a concern, that a management team member will respond quickly. The employees of Multi-Clean Cleaning Services also know that when they have needs that their manager will communicate quickly and help them with any task that needs to be completed.        

We also provide continuous training to our employees through our text to train program. Through this program we send our regular texts to keep our employees abreast of any concerns or special cleaning that is needed at their cleaning accounts.


  1. Encouraging Success

The Multi-Clean team encourages success not only to our employees but to our customer as well. If an employee needs to move on to another career we wish them the best, and many employees have returned afterwards and shown great appreciation for the way they were treated when then worked for Multi-Clean.

We also encourage success to our customers by attempting to make their job easier. If the person over our services does not have to worry about cleaning or toilet paper, then they can focus on their primary job. We also have a program called the Sonic Effect, whereby we bring customers their favorite Sonic drinks unannounced. This has been a huge success, and the smiles that we see on the customers faces is priceless and gives our management team the reward of seeing a satisfied customer.



Multi-Clean Cleaning Services began in 1993 when Kevin Thomas and his wife had a strong desire to have their own business. The opportunity arose when a church familiar with Kevin asked him to quote on the cleaning of their church. That church is Regency Park Church of the Nazarene. 26 years later we are still doing work for the exact church. Kevin wanted to grow Multi-Clean through being the best at responding to customers’ needs. The first year Multi-Clean hired its first employee and has not looked back since. Focusing on keeping the employee the key to Multi-Clean’s success has given Kevin the opportunity to grow throughout the whole state of Oklahoma. 26 years later Multi-Clean serves all of the Tulsa Metro area including Muskogee, Pryor, Bartlesville, Owasso, Bixby, Jenks among others. Multi-Clean also serves the entire metro Oklahoma City area with a solid Management team in place to serve customer and employee needs.



In the beginning Multi-Clean successes were small, because we were still a small company. However we believed that it was important to build on these successes. So instead of sitting on our laurels we decided to grow the company, make it better, make the equipment better, make the employees better.

We made the equipment better by investing $25,000 dollars in better carpet cleaning equipment where we could service all the same carpets that the “name brand” carpet companies could serve. We also purchased better cleaning equipment, the best vacuums, the best cleaning materials and continue to this day. One major success was to grow out of the Tulsa area to other cities in the region. Our growth to Oklahoma City has been a big step in our plan of tackling the entire state and eventually move on to other states, and share our philosophy of success with other states throughout the country.