Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Services has always been dedicated to having unbelievable service and follow-up. We also believe as a team that our first task is to take care of our own and help them provide for their families with Financial / Medical / and Health Assistance. We believe strongly that God has blessed us, and we need to do everything we can to help those that work so hard for Multi-Clean. 

Below is a list and links to helpful Assistance programs and Ministries to help with the lives of the families that work for our company. 

Family/Individual Financial/Medical and Food Assistance


Multiclean Resource 1

Neighbor for Neighbor is a solid services ministry that helps with a number of services for individuals struggling with Life events.

Neighbor for Neighbor for Neighbor can help with the following areas:

  • Life Skills – Coaching individuals on basic life skills such as paying bills, cooking, nutrition, anger management, and a wide variety of social skills. 
  • Family & Emergency Assistance – Helping with Bus tokens to get to work, basic budgeting advice.
  • Legal Clinic – Helping families with emergency legal care.
  • Optical Care – Providing eyeglasses and eye exams
  • Food Pantry – Help supplement low-income food needs.
  • Community Projects – Help with clothing.
  • Dental Clinic – Helps with emergency and restorative dental procedures.
  • Free Medical Clinic – Providing care that would not normally be available.


Multiclean Resource 2

Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma is a faith-based charity focusing on strengthening the family and helping low income and disadvantaged families.

  • Food Pantry – Assistance with Food.
  • Emergency Assistance – They work with the whole person to provide connections with appropriate Catholic Charities programs and community resources.
  • Dental Care – Provides General Dental Care and restorative care for those without insurance. Please contact them for appointment information.
  • Disaster Outreach – They provide a range of services that allow families and individuals to recover from a natural disaster such as tornados or flooding. 


Multiclean Resource 3

Bixby Outreach Center is here to help families who are dealing with difficult life circumstances by giving individuals and families and “hand up” and assist through these life struggling situations. 

  • Home Delivery – Assisting individuals and families that qualify for assistance and that deal with transportation issues, the assistance in delivery of food and medicine.
  • School Supplies – Helping Children and families with assistance in gathering beginning of the year school supplies necessary to have a successful and fruitful school year. 
  • Financial Assistance – This financial assistance is designed to be a one time help with families and individuals struggling with extremely difficult financial situations.


Multiclean Resource 4

Arms around BA seeks to meet the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of those that live in the Broken Arrow, Bixby, and Coweta areas. Arms Around BA provides spiritual guidance and helps families and individuals come to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. They offer prayer as well as encouragement throughout the rehabilitation process.

  • Medical Assistance – Arms Around BA provides volunteer doctors regularly for examinations and assistance with sickness. These medical doctors provide their time at no charge to the families and individuals that are seeking assistance. 
  • Infant Care – Arms around BA provides infant care and infant items to help with taking care of small children. Arms around BA is committed to helping families with food, baby formula and clothing needs.
  • Encouragement – Arms Around BA encourages all that visit to get plugged into a Bible Believing Church. They encourage families to attend and allow that church to also be a part of their family and to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Domestic Violence Assistance


Multi Clean Resource Spring

Day Spring Villa offers domestic violence assistance for families and women. Day Spring Villa is a faith-based ministry that assistance those lives that have been impacted Human trafficking, stalking and domestic violence.

  • Emergency Shelter – Day Spring Villa provides emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence, and human trafficking. All inquiries are completely confidential, and shelter is provided is a safe and encouraging environment. 
  • Comfort Care and Assistance – Day Spring Villa can provide shelter, legal advocacy, child & teen support, safety planning, Partnership with Law enforcement and transportation assistance.


Medical Assistance / Mental Health


Multiclean Resource 6

Sooner Success serves children and families up to the age of 21 who have one of the following health needs. Development Delay, abuse or needs in mental health, or any chronic health needs. Sooner Success also provides support groups, assistance with coaching on independent living, transportation, and legal assistance. 


Spiritual Assistance


Multiclean Resource 7

First Baptist Tulsa – First Baptist Church, Downtown Tulsa is one of Tulsa’s strongest churches in caring for individuals and families. They truly want to Care for your needs, Connect you to others that can encourage you in your faith in Jesus Christ and introduce you to the love that only Jesus offers. They will help you learn to serve others in need and become a part of a larger family. 


Multiclean Resource 8

Life Church has a mission to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. If you are needing spiritual assistance or needing to know how to grow in your faith, then Life Church is the place for you. Life Church has several locations in the Tulsa and Oklahoma Cit areas. Life Church has a total of 42 locations across this region. 

Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning of Tulsa and Oklahoma City is excited to provide a page that can assist not only our employees but the entire community that may be struggling financially, with food needs, assistance with Rent or finances, and with any mental health issue.

Our ownership strongly believes that Jesus Christ is the answer to our spiritual problems, and that only through a relationship with him can a person have true everlasting peace.  Philippians 4:6-7