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Our Commercial Cleaning Tulsa Guarantee to You

Multi-Clean believes so much in our services that we are willing to offer a build your trust offer. The offer gives the first month of services to the customer up to 800 square feet of carpet cleaning for free after the 3rd month of janitorial cleaning. This gives our customers the opportunity to build trust in our team and for Multi-Clean to prove that we are serious about building trust and respect with our customers.


Building a customer’s trust is one of the goals of any client vendor relationship. To develop that trust a Commercial Cleaning Tulsa company must go above and beyond each day to earn and keep that trust. We believe at Multi-Clean to earn and build the trust of our customers we must be bold and take the first step to show that we are a trustworthy company. To do this companies must take risks and even risk losing profit to show a customer that our trust can be earned. Because of this proposition, Multi-Clean will offer to every regular janitorial customer a 50% discount or half off of the very first months billing. In doing so, Multi-Clean will not be making any profit for a minimum of 60 days. Multi-Clean believes in it is processes, its chemicals, the way we handle our customers’ needs so much that we can confidently offer up the Build your trust guarantee to all new customers.

This offer absolutely comes with no strings attached. Multi-Clean will not require a long term contract or agreement in place for this build your trust promise.

Multi-Clean understands that not all cleaning companies, managers and crew are perfect. But we do guarantee that if there is a mistake in service provided that a manager will immediately, usually within one hour come to your office and make it right. If we cannot make it right, then that days service will be at no charge. Having trust like this is unheard of in the Commercial Janitorial Services industry. We pride ourselves on making it right, not only with you as a customer, but also making sure that our cleaning employees are treated right, fairly, and always have the proper equipment to handle any job that we put in their path.  


This Build-Your-Trust offer is based solely on the fact that Multi-Clean believes in knowing how to take care of our customer’s needs. We believe that if you cannot trust your commercial cleaning provider then why are you trusting them with the keys to your building. Multi-Clean also offers more than just janitorial cleaning service. We also specialize in professional carpet cleaning services, floor stripping and waxing, window cleaning as well as emergency services. Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning services only uses the very best products and proven method. Multi-Clean currently uses only Spartan chemicals for each janitorial building that we clean. 


When performing carpet cleaning we also use professional truck mounted systems which is tops in the industry for deep steam cleaning of your carpets. Multi-Clean can clean commercial buildings as well as residential homes.  Waxing floors in a commercial setting is also one of our prime services. Walking into a building and having shiny floors will impress upon all customers that you care about the overall appearance of the facility and that you understand that having a clean building matters to you and therefore the products or services that you provide will even “shine” more. 


Having keys to a building is a very big burden for a cleaning service to carry. Building your trust with a 2 million dollar liability insurance policy and a full workmen’s compensation policy cements our commitment to ensuring that when the customer commits to work with Multi-Clean as their commercial cleaning service that they can feel at ease about having trained and qualified personnel in their facility day after day and week to week.


Our management team is trained weekly on what areas to focus on to keep our customers satisfied in cleanliness. We have weekly training meetings and send out weekly and monthly texts to our front-line employees to remind them of the importance of having a consistent cleaning schedule and always be open to new suggestions from our customers. Multi-Clean hires some of the best cleaners in the industry, and we teach them more that just cleaning. We teach them about integrity, the importance of effective communication, the importance of being on time. 


Multi-Clean has been serving the janitorial industry for over 29 years. We have built a reputation of competency and respect among our Commercial Cleaning Tulsa customers. When a company such as Multi-Clean has been serving the entire state of Oklahoma in Commercial Cleaning Oklahoma City, and Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Tulsa you must earn trust in order to grow. I encourage all that are reading this text within our website to contact our references and to also check our google reviews on our google business page. 


Not all customers come with immediate trust. That trust must be earned.


Multi-Clean is putting our reputation on the line by not making a profit to prove to the new customer that we are worthy to be their customer over the long term. We prefer to develop relationships that will last. We prefer to develop a relationship like a good marriage where communication is so vital with both parties. We desire to build confidence in our new customers that Multi-Clean is a very competent and trustworthy commercial cleaning service that we put it all out on the line. We challenge our new customers to dare to be different and allow us the opportunity to serve you not only for one month but to enjoy free carpet cleaning after the 3rd month. A significant value for any potential customer. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve you and offer much more than just a Commercial Cleaning Tulsa service but a relationship that will last. Multi-Clean also serves the entire metropolitan Oklahoma City area. This offer is valid also for any new account that would like to receive free carpet cleaning after the 3rd month of service. 

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