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Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Service has been serving the Tulsa area for 30 years. We are proud to say that we still have the original owner, and Kevin and Karen Thomas are proud to still be serving customers throughout the state. In Commercial Cleaning Tulsa, the Multi-Clean team serves only Commercial Cleaning in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Other areas that we serve are Bartlesville, Muskogee, Pryor, Bixby, Jenks, Owasso, Claremore, and most of the Tulsa Metro area.

Commercial cleaning means to clean a commercial building, which includes Office Buildings, Schools, Churches, Manufacturing is for the purpose of regularly scheduled janitorial service. Multi-Clean cleans several buildings in an array of schedules. In Commercial Cleaning Tulsa we clean buildings ranging from 7 day per week cleaning to 1 day per week cleaning.

7 day per week cleaning is usually for a medical office, some manufacturing institutions since they rarely close and need cleaning every day of the week.

5 day per week cleaning is for most customers throughout the city. We clean these buildings Monday through Friday to ensure a clean and sanitary buildings not only for the employees that work in those buildings, but also for guests and customers that visit those buildings. Since the building is not used at the weekends, or has limited use, generally Multi-Clean does not clean on weekends unless specifically requested by the customer.

Some of the most popular buildings that we clean are commercial office buildings. These buildings are usually owner-occupied buildings. An example of this would be an office building where there are no other tenants except for the owner of the building. Usually a bank, or an oil company or real estate firm would be a good example of an owner-occupied building.

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Other buildings that Multi-Clean cleans for Commercial Cleaning Tulsa would be Multi-Tenant buildings. These types of buildings are buildings where several tenants enjoy the same building space, and they also share the same common space. In Tulsa, an example of a Multi-Tenant building would be the Bank of Oklahoma tower in Downtown Tulsa. In Oklahoma City, an example of a Multi-Tenant building would be the Devon Tower in Downtown Oklahoma City.

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Multi-Tenant buildings will usually have more than one point of contact, especially in Commercial Cleaning Tulsa, the tenants are very large, or possibly occupy an entire floor of a large commercial building that requires janitorial service. Multi-Tenant buildings usually share a larger common area such as a lunch area, a restaurant or even a specialty coffee shop like Starbucks.

The advantage in working with a Owner-Occupied building over a Multi-Tenant building in Commercial Cleaning Tulsa, is that there is usually one person to speak with about issues, and one person to communicate with regarding making the building cleaner and more sanitary. The Owner-Occupied building seems to take more pride in the care of their building. Sometimes the challenge with Multi-Tenant Commercial Cleaning Services is there is less care extended from the tenants of the building because they do not own the building.

The requirements for Multi-Tenant and Owner-Occupied buildings for cleaning do remain the same throughout the cleaning agreement. They both want to have fresh and sanitary restrooms when they arrive in the morning, as well as having all the paper towels and toilet paper. The trash does need to be removed daily when required, and when the trash bag is dirty, we change out the trash bag for the customer.

When it comes to consumable supplies, otherwise known as paper towels, trash bags, hand soap, urinal screens and toilet paper, most of the Owner-Occupied customers will always provide that as a part of the Commercial Cleaning Tulsa agreement. As an added bonus to all the Multi-Clean customers, we will usually give them a price list so they can purchase these items from our sister company, also known as Everclean Supply Company. Occasionally the Owner-Occupied buildings will ask that we provide certain consumable items such as Urinal Screens, hand soap and air fresheners for the restrooms. This would be an additional charge to the monthly cleaning agreement.  Everclean Supply Company has been serving the Tulsa market with high quality Janitorial Supplies and equipment for over 40 years.

Multi-Tenant customers usually require that we provide all consumable material such as paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, and trash bags within the cleaning agreement. Sometimes this can be difficult as pricing for consumable supplies over the past several years has been very volatile. Multi-Clean tries to negotiate that the Multi-Tenant building will pay for items that are used throughout the agreement.

When it comes to commercial cleaning, it is very rare to see a Multi-Tenant building in an industrial park or when it comes to manufacturing. This usually is because there are so many safety issues that must be dealt with daily. Industrial and Manufacturing cleaning is also in Commercial Cleaning Tulsa, however, Multi-Clean also has a division especially for cleaning buildings where manufacturing takes place.

Commercial cleaning of buildings located in Tulsa and Oklahoma City can be challenging. Multi-Clean has figured out over the years on ways to make the whole cleaning process more efficient. Our sales team is trained in how to seek out problems that possibly the customer is not even aware of in Commercial Cleaning Tulsa. During the whole sales process, our very qualified Operations team, led by the owner, Kevin Thomas, addresses any cleaning issues that might arise and make the potential customer aware and how the Multi-Clean team can communicate and improve these issues.

Our administrative department, led by our Senior Manager Nina Young, also has many processes in place to ensure a smooth transition from the Sales team to the Ops team. Nina does a very good job of communicating with new customers in areas such as invoicing, collecting and knowing when the customer will receive invoices and when they are due and past due. Nina also heads up our payroll department, and double checks to ensure that our payroll every 2 weeks is correct and on time. The Multi-Clean team prides ourselves on getting our employees paid correctly. We also require our Operations Managers to provide our cleaning teams with the best possible equipment.