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Multi-Clean commercial cleaning services has been serving the Church Cleaning Tulsa market since the very beginning of our company back in 1993. Our very first customer was a church, and we have held strong to our beliefs of keeping churches clean so that people may worship in a clean environment.

The key to having a successful Church Cleaning Tulsa operation is to understand the unique differences with each church and working around their preferences.

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Tulsa Church Cleaning is unique in that most of the members of the church attend the church on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and then again on Wednesday nights. Sunday mornings is when most of the members will come to worship. So, the goal of Church Cleaning Tulsa is to be able to get a majority of the cleaning performed before the Sunday services, and then again before the Wednesday services.


Sanctuary Cleaning

The Sanctuary of a church is usually the single largest room in the church. The cleaning is this area is mainly floor care. Vacuuming is a big challenge for cleaning the sanctuary. We prefer to use backpack vacuums for vacuuming the sanctuary. The backpack vacuum is a very versatile vacuum that the cleaner wears on their back. This is a very efficient vacuum because the only piece of equipment that touches the floor is the wand. Therefore, the cleaner can get the wand underneath the pews where traditional vacuums tend to have difficulty reaching edges and corners due to their bulkiness. The best choice of backpack vacuums is to use a backpack vacuum with a battery. The vacuum usually weighs three to four pounds more, but the efficiency you get is way better and quicker for the cleaner to finish the task sooner.

Gym/Fellowship Hall

This is usually a gymnasium area that is used for parties, social events, and events for the youth of the building. These areas are usually dust mop with a professionally treated mop. This ensures that all the fine dirt and debris are removed from the floor. The floors are usually wood that have been sealed, also concrete floors as well as rubber flooring have become popular over the past several years.


Children’s Areas

The children’s areas are usually the messiest areas of a church. The younger children know how to create a mess, not sure why they are like this, but we enjoy cleaning up after them. We make sure that all the proper areas in Church Cleaning Tulsa and wiped down, dusted, and disinfected after each time the area has been used. These areas are usually the worst after the Sunday morning services. The children’s area is typically not used on Sunday evenings. Wednesday nights are usually used for events such as AWANA where children learn bible verses through memorization. This is a very good program that churches offer.



Tulsa Church Cleaning restrooms really get hit hard every Sunday. Always be prepared to do a deep clean after Sunday services.  It’s important to use a qualified disinfectant when cleaning restrooms in a church setting. Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning used the product NABC. The NABC stands for non-acid bowl cleaner. The NABC product uses a very well-known disinfectant that has been proven to kill HIV on surfaces. Also, the NABC product has a very fresh scent, which the church staff appreciate after a long day at church. When cleaning the porcelain and chrome areas it is also good to remember to clean the dividers between the urinals in the men’s restroom and the dividers between the stalls in the women’s restroom. There can be splashing of liquid when flushing toilets and some small boys tend to miss the urinals when they go to the restrooms. Of course, you always want to clean the mirrors and sinks. Replacing the paper towels and toilet paper is very important. We recommend to churches that they use very high-quality hand soap for their restrooms. Multi-Clean currently uses KUTOL brand of soap. Many churches tend to use premium toilet paper and premium toilet tissue. One example of this in our industry is that of Parkview Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their paper contact at the time was LeeAnn. She insisted that the church get the highest quality paper available. I guess if you are in God’s house, so God and his followers do deserve the best. Amen.

First Impressions for Church Clean Tulsa is very important. Churches want their guests to feel welcomed to a new environment and churches also want their members to appreciate that Multi-Clean commercial cleaning services are taking care of their facility. We make sure that when a new person arrives all the glass doors are spotless. We also make sure the restrooms have been cleaned and disinfected so as not to pass on germs. The hallways should be vacuumed well, and when needed the Multi-Clean team will perform professional carpet cleaning on the hallways, classrooms, and in the sanctuary.

The Multi-Clean team also provides Disinfecting fogging in all vital areas such as sanctuaries and classrooms when, for example, Covid was quite the issue. Multi-Clean did several fogging’s in churches around the Tulsa Church Cleaning area. The fogging material was allowed to sit in the sanctuary area for several days killing and disinfecting any viruses that could have been present.

The final challenge in Church Cleaning Tulsa is serving the whole church body. Many times, churches have up to 1000 people attend church regularly on Sunday mornings. The issue that presents itself is that you can have up to 1000 ideas of what is clean in a church. Usually, the cleaning staff will report to a designee of the church pastor, and sometimes Multi-Clean will report directly to the Pastor. One pastor that was great to work with was Steve Lewis, who was the senior pastor at Parkview Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Steve understood the difficulties in cleaning churches, and the numerous ideas of what people think that it takes to keep a church clean. He stood by Multi-Clean on many occasions and provided positive support.

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