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Multi-Clean Commercial Janitorial Service located in Tulsa and Oklahoma City has many facets of our business. One of the areas that Multi-Clean gets a lot of requests for cleaning is in Warehouse Floor Cleaning Tulsa. Warehouse Floor Cleaning can present many challenges when performing these tasks. Some customers want a light scrub on their floor with an automatic scrubber, this helps maintain the cleanliness and shine of the floor. This routine style of cleaning is best when the site is for manufacturing of sensitive items such as clothing or possibly paper goods or for.

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The Process for Floor Scrubbing

In Warehouse Floor Cleaning Tulsa, there are several processes that a janitorial service can use when scrubbing a warehouse floor.


Automatic Scrubber

An automatic scrubber is a cutting-edge technology piece of equipment that is the most effective for Warehouse Floor Cleaning Tulsa.
The basic use of an autoscrubber is to eliminate the Multi-Clean cleaning crew from having to mop the floor, then come behind at a slow speed, side by side machine and then finish with a wet dry vacuum. This process of doing all three steps at one time helps save time for the cleaner and allows them to be more efficient in the Warehouse Floor Cleaning Tulsa process.


History of Auto Scrubbers

Over 100 years ago is when the very first floor cleaning machines were introduced. The first-floor polishing machine was developed in the early part of the 1900’s. In 1930 the very first wet floor cleaning machine was introduced, and then finally in the 1950’s the floor machines integrated not only the wet function but also a suction function. And then another milestone in Warehouse Floor Cleaning Tulsa occurred when the first walk-behind machine made it to the market. This machine used roller brushes, vacuums and sweeps all in one easy step. This breakthrough vastly improved performance on cleaning all floors, including, vct tile, concrete, terrazzo, and other ceramic types of flooring. There are two types of Automatic scrubbers. The first is the roller scrubber which used a cylindrical style brush to scrub the floor. The second style is the disc floor scrubbing machines. Disk machines are the most popular style of automatic scrubbing machines. The disk system uses round pads or stiff brushes to scrub the floor. Also, the disk style of automatic scrubbing allows the user to use more pressure which can give a deeper scrub in to crevices and cracks in the floor. Also, a more weighted cleaning can clean more difficult stains such as grease and deep dirt build up that is common in manufacturing setting.

Now with the automation of smaller machines, this allows individuals to scrub smaller areas such as convenience stores. Here in Tulsa, the convenience store QuikTrip uses a small autoscrubber on their floors daily. This is a great help for safety. The QuikTrip stores also have safety tiles that keep customers from slipping when the tiles get wet.


Manufacturers of auto scrubbers

Advantages of auto scrubbers

Low speed scrubbing warehouses

Wet Vac process

Different Chemicals to use on floors


Why Auto Scrubbing Warehouse Floors is important

In a warehouse setting, even though it seems like an industrial setting, the warehouse is a source of airborne dirt a debris that workers in the warehouse could breathe in while working. Although many warehouses use a better air handling system when the workers are designing and making products in a cleaner environment. The warehouse where the large industrial equipment is used is where the problems can occur. Warehouse Floor Cleaning Tulsa with an Automatic Scrubbing machine will help with the possible contaminations that are in the air. The Automatic Scrubbing machine lays down the water or Warehouse Floor Cleaning Tulsa solution, the Operator of the Automatic Scrubbing Machine has two choices.

  1. Allow the water to spread on the floor and only scrub the floor to allow the chemical to have more dwell time to get a deeper clean on the floor.
  2. The Operator can allow the solution to hit the floor and immediately scrub the floor and then allow the vacuum to suction up all of the water, solution and dirt into the Auto scrubbing machine.


The difference between the two above options is that in option 1, the autoscrubber performs a deeper scrub on the floor, and option 2 is designed to scrub cleaner floors and allow the operator to be more efficient and clean a larger area when performing Warehouse Floor Cleaning Tulsa.


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Auto Scrubbing of Warehouse floors versus Low-Speed Swing Style machine Scrubbing.

The Low-speed swing machine is by far a more effective way of Warehouse Floor Cleaning Tulsa. The Low-speed machines offer much more weight on the floor than that of an Automatic Scrubber. The pad pressure from an automatic scrubber is usually only 40-60 pounds per square inch, whereas a low-speed swing machine can be 80-120 pounds per square inch. This heavier pad pressure can give the low-speed machine a much deeper scrub and can clean out cracks and crevices much better than an automatic scrubber machine.

The disadvantages of the Low-speed swing machine is that this process takes much longer and needs more equipment and labor. The low-speed swing machine requires that you have a wet dry vacuum with another person working that machine, and then you will be required to wet mop the floor in Warehouse Floor Cleaning Tulsa after wet vacuuming the floor.

The autoscrubber will tackle all these processes in one pass of the machine.

There are several manufacturers of Automatic Scrubbers available on the market today. Multi-Clean Warehouse Floor Cleaning Tulsa recommends 2 brands. Tennant is the first choice and offers a full line of scrubbing machines. Please click on their logo below to visit their website. The other choice the Multi-Clean recommends is Karcher. Karcher manufacturing makes well made automatic scrubbing machines that are reasonably priced and affordable for Janitorial Service in Tulsa.

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