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Multi-Clean is a leader in Medical Office cleaning throughout the state of Oklahoma. Our goal here is to describe many of the medical sites that we clean, and to teach about the different chemicals and special needs and challenges that arise in Medical Office Cleaning Tulsa.

Multi-Clean has been serving the entire state of Oklahoma for 30 years. Medical office cleaning Tulsa has been an area that Multi-Clean has done very well with and has become a leader in application as well as knowledge on how to clean difficult areas in medical facilities. Medical facilities present challenges that are usually not present in office facilities and manufacturing and industrial sites.

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Challenges for Medical Cleaning:

  1. Due to the rise of Covid-19 across the united states, along with other very common healthcare issues as well as associated infections, the challenge is to eradicate germs in the world. Most average janitorial services are not equipped with the right equipment or nor do they have the proper training to understand exactly what needs to be done to tackle this problem within medical facilities. What this means for medical facilities is that they must find a company that specializes in medical office cleaning Tulsa. A company such as Multi-Clean needs to be considered because we have highly trained employees and health care engineers that understand what handling medical waste, how to work with biohazard materials, and being able to eliminate the spread of pathogens in your medical buildings
  2. We all understand that healthcare facilities are one of the most important placed to keep sanitary and clean. Whether or not we are dealing with pandemic issues such as Covid or Sars. Having high accountability for your cleaning company is of utmost importance. At times it will be necessary to perform Black Light Auditing. This process allows the cleaner and the facility manager to better see what areas are being cleaned properly.
  3. Training, training, training is the ultimate key to success in medical office cleaning Tulsa. There are so many factors in understanding hazardous waste, and other pathogens. These pathogens are easily transmitted from individual to individual. Infection prevention needs to be at the top of the list for a Cleaning service that offers medical facility cleaning.
  4. Hospital Acquired Infections also knows as HAIs, There are many cases where a patient can receive an Acquired infection while in a hospital or medical clinic facility. The cleaning requirements need to be at the correct if the desire is to keep the patients healthy as well as the staff of Doctors, Nurses, and assistants.
  5. PPE, also known as personal protection equipment is necessary to obtain when cleaning a medical facility. Having the proper equipment will help reduce the spread of infection. Wearing the proper PPE such as gloves, goggles, and masks will help reduce transmission of pathogens and diseases to the cleaning staff. To understand the importance of prevention of diseases and sickness, it is important to always consult the CDC website for assistance in the area



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  1. Patient privacy is of utmost importance in dealing with Medical Cleaning Tulsa. New laws and new regulations make it difficult to keep privacy within most medical facilities. With the new HIPPA laws, cleaning companies must be aware of these privacy laws, and be able to train their cleaners not to be “nosy” in regard to paperwork. Another issue that can arise is the theft of data from machines or equipment. While this is a rare happening in Medical Cleaning Tulsa, therefore Medical facilities must have strict laws regarding the dissemination of information.
  2. Other areas that can be challenges for Medical Cleaning companies would be the fact that there can be a tendency to have high turnover amongst the cleaning staff and managers. One way that Multi-Clean can combat this issue is by paying the cleaning staff a higher wage. This can happen with proper training. Fierce competition can also make it difficult for cleaning companies to be successful in Medical facility cleaning. There are many newer companies that are attempting to break into the business by offering cheap prices. Generally, Medical facilities should not consider these low-price companies due to the fact that they have limited experience with chemicals, training, and access to the proper equipment to clean Medical facilities.
  3. Sustainability and Green Cleaning are the new buzz words for the Cleaning industry in general.

According to the green cleaning industry in 2019 almost reached a 4 billion dollar market and is anticipated in the next 10 years to reach in the 11 billion range as companies are attempting to become more sustainable with their cleaning products. Besides cleaning products, greener cleaning techniques are also becoming better accepted in the cleaning industry. Cleaning services are using more sustainable types of materials such as reusable microfiber towels for cleaning. The microfiber towel allows for less usage of water by the cleaning staff.

Whether your Medical Office Cleaning Tulsa Janitorial Company is small or large, and whether you are in the Tulsa, or the Oklahoma City markets, have the right tools, and equipment as well as the training and knowledge to perform Medical cleaning is very important. It is also important that the cleaning staff and the cleaning managers and owners are also trained in Bloodborne pathogens. This training teaches the cleaning team how to clean up potentially hazardous material such as blood, feces, and other bodily fluids that can be present in a medical facility. It is always important that the cleaning team is provided with the proper PPE when cleaning medical offices. Gloves will protect the hands and arms, a facemask will protect any potential biologic from entering the mouth and nose area, and a face mask will prevent any item from hitting the face or hitting the eyes.

Multi-Clean Medical Office Cleaning Tulsa provides all the necessary PPE for our employees. We take pride in always being ahead of the curve on knowledge and technology.