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Multi-Clean offers multiple levels of disinfecting service Tulsa and was vital in attacking the pandemic of Covid-19 over the past few years. Multi-Clean has since learned the importance of having a regular program of Disinfecting Services for Commercial Cleaning Customers. Disinfecting Service Tulsa gives us great pride that we were able to possibly save lives during the Pandemic. Below Multi-Clean will outline the processes that we use when disinfecting offices, schools, churches, industrial and other types of buildings. The Multi-Clean team uses several methods to keep your office safe from viruses that we know about as well as the viruses that we don’t know about. We can tailor a plan to meet your specific needs when it comes to disinfecting cleaning.



How often a surface is disinfected depends on the amount of traffic and the number of touchpoints that the building has. Also, the number of touches per day does matter. Multi-Clean commercial disinfecting service Tulsa recommends at a minimum of 1x per week to sanitize by fogging and everyday when there is a known virus present. Physical wiping can be very effective because this allows the disinfectant cleaner to clean the high touch areas. High touch areas are defined as areas where employees and guests go to the most often. High touch areas include but are not limited to: Light push plate switches, doorknobs, toilet handles, paper towel dispensers, hand soap dispensers, entry areas, and counter tops.

Another best time to have the office disinfected is after there have been several people that have been sick or been diagnosed with Influenza or Covid-19. When this happens, Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning recommends electrostatic fogging throughout the office. We will describe below exactly the process and why electrostatic fogging is important for attacking viruses. Other good times to have disinfecting or electrostatic fogging performed would be between events, or between church services. This would include disinfecting the seating area.

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Electrostatic Fogging

In Disinfecting Service Tulsa, Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Services Company proudly used only the very best disinfecting fogging and electrostatic fogging machines. We believe that electrostatic fogging is the professional fix for fighting viruses in commercial buildings. We can always take smaller steps when we are attempting to get the environment cleaner, but ultimately it is important to attack this problem in a most professional manner. These professional services will effectively combat the spread of diseases such as influenza and the Covid-19 virus.

Electrostatic Spray technology would be considered one of those professional fixes for combating viruses. The Electrostatic Sprayer is an electrically charged machine which supercharges the electrons to allow the sanitizers and disinfectants to wrap around and literally cover and at times even coat all types of surfaces both vertical and horizontal for a thorough and complete disinfections.


How Electrostatic Fogging Works

Electrostatic fogging is an advanced disinfection tool that is used by today’s Building Service Contractors to better serve their client base. Multi-Clean is currently offering this service to all our customers. When Multi-Clean disinfects very sensitive locations such as a hospital or an area that is very hard to reach or access, the fogging process allows these electrostatically charged particles to get in very tiny unreachable areas. This method is completely different than any type of dry-cleaning method. Leaders in the cleaning industry believe that dry wiping can easily damage or tear the particles from the surfaces being cleaned. At this point the particles can be moved into the air which can be dangerous to people in the area. Disinfecting service Tulsa uses chemicals that are typically not toxic to health.

The electrostatic fogger is a machine that generates electrically charged ions or particles into the air in a liquid fog form. It is possible to see the mist when it is coming out of the fogging machine. This” fog” we will call it is made up of millions of electrostatically charged particles. These electrostatically charged particles are made up of electrons. And what we learned from Junior High School science class; these electrons are now searching for a proton to attach itself to. These protons can be found on surfaces, and this is where the destruction of the virus takes place.

The electronic sprayer has the advantage of being able to get into very tiny spaces and reach visible and unseen spaces. This has helped Disinfecting Services Tulsa cleaning companies such as Multi-Clean to tackle the Covid-19 epidemic.



Spartan Chemical offers a product called HALT. Halt is a one step hospital grade cleaner that also acts as a bactericidal, mildewcidal, fungicidal, and disinfectant. Halt has been proved to also be effective against the norovirus, and even canine based parvovirus. Halt is a very economical product that attacks viruses and also adds a very nice fresh scent.

The main ingredients in Halt are Sodium Carbonate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tangerine Oils, C9-11Pareth 6.

Bioesque is the safe and effective chemical that Multi-Clean Janitorial Service uses in our electrostatic fogging machines. The Bioesque team says about their chemicals is that Bioesque is disinfecting done the right way. The chemical, Bioesque is capable of not only cleaning, but also sanitizing, deodorizing, and disinfecting in just 1 step. The Botanical Disinfection Solution is not chemically based but is a natural solution for many cleaning and disinfecting challenges.

The main attraction of the Bioesque product is that they claim that there is no need for any PPE. PPE is also known as personal protection equipment. PPE that is needed for other chemicals that are being electrostatically fogged is N-95 face mask, Personal fogging protection mask, Eye protection, and breathing protection usually through a breathing apparatus that blocks tiny particles from entering the lungs.

The Bioesque product is also a 1 step cleaning product that has the following claims. Bioesque claims that it is a bactericidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal, and fungicidal cleaner. This product also claims to remove bad and sour odors and will clean and disinfect nonporous surfaces. Companies that work in the water restoration and remediation business also use Bioesque. Multi-Clean disinfecting service Tulsa believes that the best part of the Bioesque product is that it does not contain any bleach or any chemicals that would be considered harsh to people or the environment.