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Having a clean office and a clean place to work is very important in today’s work environment. In Office Cleaning Tulsa, Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Services has been serving the Tulsa and Oklahoma City Metro areas for 30 years. We pride ourselves on having amazing follow-up from our managers and great processes in place with our administrative team so that the customers’ total experience with Multi-Clean is a 5-star experience.  One thing that Multi-Clean takes pride in is that on Google, our company is the highest and most reviewed company in the entire state of Oklahoma.

Office Cleaning Tulsa is a very important aspect of our industry.  Having great morale in a company is an important thing to have. When an employee comes into a messy, dirty, and unsanitary condition in their workplace, this can cause trouble within that workplace. It is important to make sure the appearance of an office is eye pleasing to the team that works at the facility. Areas that need to be addressed in office cleaning are the following. Office cleaning is quite different from industrial and manufacturing cleaning because of the type of chemicals needed to remove the specialized dirt that is present in a manufacturing facility.

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The trash needs to be taken out each day that the building is cleaned. We encourage our teams to tie off the trash bag so that when the customers places trash in the trash can the bag does not fall inside the can and frustrate the customer. We also encourage our customers to purchase high quality trash bags for their trash cans. The thin clear bags can rip and tear and give a dirty appearance and can also make it more difficult for the cleaner to place the trash bag in the can. We encourage our customers to purchase thicker white bags for the desk trash cans, and larger and thicker black trash bags for the kitchen and warehouse areas. Ensuring that the trash is removed regularly will give the customer confidence that the cleaning in other areas is going well.



The Multi-Clean team is encouraged to vacuum as thoroughly as possible. The entrance area may be the most important area for vacuuming because that is where most employees, clients, and guests enter the building, and the first appearance is very important to our customers. Vacuuming common areas and walkways is important as well because these are seen by all that enter the building in Office Cleaning Tulsa. Underneath offices desks is an area that is usually vacuumed less than other areas. Most areas underneath desks are vacuumed 1-2 times per week, depending on the number of days that the building is cleaned. The more the building is cleaned, then the more underneath the desks will be vacuumed.

Multi-Clean only used the most professional vacuums available for Office Cleaning Tulsa. The most common vacuum for the Janitorial Industry is the Sanitaire vacuum. The sanitaire vacuum is made by a very well-known company, Eureka Vacuums. The sanitaire vacuum is great because all the parts are either made of steel or Lexan plastic. Lexan plastic is the same plastic that the NFL uses to make football helmets for the players. So having vacuums that are made of durable parts allows them to last a very long time, and this gives value to the Janitorial company that you hire, and to the company. The reason for this is that high quality vacuum cleaners work the best. They are usually the most expensive.


Restroom Cleaning

Multi-Clean takes pride in ensuring that our customers’ restrooms and in top notch condition after we have cleaned their facility. One of the many reasons for Multi-Clean’s success is the fact that we use the very best chemicals available on the market.  We currently utilize chemicals from Spartan Chemical company located in the United States. Spartans’ technology is unsurpassed in the cleaning industry. In Tulsa Office Cleaning, Multi-Clean uses the Clean on the Go system for most of our basic cleaning chemicals. We use the Clean on the go Glass Cleaner, the Clean on the go NABC restroom cleaner, and the Clean on the go Acid Bath & Shower. These cleaners are brought to the Multi-Clean team in a super concentrated form and we diluted for use with our cleaning teams. The NABC cleaner is one of Spartan Chemicals’ most popular cleaners. The fragrance has been patented, NABC also offers incredible disinfecting capabilities for restroom facilities. The NABC cleaner has also been proven to kill the HIV virus on surfaces.

Having an effective floor cleaner is also important in Office Cleaning Tulsa. Using the right product can make a difference between cleaning the floor and leaving residue on the floor which can make the floor very sticky and annoy the customer. Multi-Clean recommends and uses a neutral PH cleaner for cleaning most flooring surfaces. When a floor cleaner is too high of a ph level, this can allow the floor to possibly have an alkaline lock on the floor and other chemicals unless used properly will not be able to get the residue lock off the floor. When a residue lock does happen, Multi-Clean will used a mild acid on the floor in the form of a liquid cleaner, or in a pod form (similar to Tide Pods). This acid cleaner, which is safe on your skin, is a very mild acid and it brings the total ph of the floor back to neutral which breaks that alkaline lock and removes any remaining residue that can “gunk” up the appearance of the floor.

Chemicals that also work well on flooring are Peroxide based cleaners and degreasers. Peroxide based cleaners due have optical brighteners in the chemical which can brighten up the tile floor from dirt and debris that is mopped up. Multi-Clean currently uses the Spartan Chemical product called Peroxy Clean when using a peroxide based cleaner. When working in industrial shops and manufacturing facilities, we recommend using a good degreaser in the mop bucket for cleaning the floors. It is important to remember that alkaline lock can happen, so remember to rinse the floor with water only periodically to keep the ph levels closer to neutral.