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Multi-Clean commercial cleaning services offer a vast array of commercial cleaning services. One of those services is Construction Cleaning Tulsa. In Construction Cleaning Tulsa, our team meets up with a superintendent or designee to walk the site usually in 2 phases. The 1st phase is in the beginning stages of the construction. This allows the Construction Cleaning Tulsa team to see the bones of the project and get a layout of what the site will eventually look like when completed, and ready to be cleaned by the final construction clean team.

It is important for the Construction Cleaning Tulsa team to note is the number of offices, along with the number of cabinets and drawers located in each office, exam room, or area of that facility. When there are excessive drawers or cabinets, the cleaning will be more labor intensive.

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Also, the type and amount of flooring involved will matter in the final construction cleaning of this facility. There are several types of flooring that are important to identify in a final clean for Construction Cleaning Tulsa.

VCT – Vinyl composition tile

This tile is an older tile and is a very long-lasting durable tile. With the vinyl composition tile, the floor will need to receive a heavy scrub preferably with a red or green pad. This pad will be put on a slow speed rotating machine that will scrub the floor at or around 350 rpms. This process removes the dirt and debris from the pores of the tile. After this process is completed, the floor will need to be rinsed, preferably with an acid rinse solution. The Construction Cleaning Tulsa crew will then give the floor a final rinse and then carefully apply 3-4 coats of non-slip wax to the floor. This wax allows the floor to be sealed and protected from any potential damage they could occur from scratches or certain burns that could occur from other chemicals that may land on the floor. Vinyl composition tile looks very good after 3-4 coats of wax are applied.


LVP – Luxury Vinyl Plank

This type of flooring has more of a glamorous look, and it is laid in a plank look very similar to wood. These types of floors are lay and go. There is no need to have the floor scrubbed with a low-speed machine or with a red or green pad. These types of flooring have a shine already put in at the manufacturing stage. The Luxury Vinyl Plank is a more expensive type of flooring than the vinyl composition tile. This type of flooring is very popular in commercial buildings and is becoming more popular in medical facilities. This floor does require a machine scrub however, with an automatic scrubber. The Construction Cleaning Crew Tulsa will utilize a machine that lays down the floor cleaner, then scrubs the floor and finally extracts the liquid in the final stage of cleaning with a professionally made rubber squeegee. The luxury vinyl plank is normally grooved which can allow for debris to be lodged in the grooves making it more difficult, especially for sweeping the floor.

Other types of flooring that have been used in the past include the following:

Rubber flooring

This flooring is poured as a liquid and settles and self-levels. This flooring is very popular in school gyms and large areas such as in churches. Care for rubber flooring can be difficult if the crew is not trained on how to clean the floor. Using a professional Autoscrubber during cleaning will allow any residual chemical that has been mopped on the floor to be removed and create a safe environment for the users.


Terrazo flooring

This type of floor is a composite style flooring that is made up of several different types of stone. Those stones include glass, granite, quartz, and marble. Terrazo originally came from Italy, there is actually a town called Terrazo Italy. This type of flooring is very durable and can be displayed with or without waxing the floor. With the proper buffing and burnishing equipment, the Tulsa Construction Cleaning team can buff the floors to a nice shine without wax. This is possible due to the number of other materials in the floor such as marble, granite and quartz that have a natural shine because they are natural stones.


Marble & Granite

These types of floorings are natural stones and are some of the most beautiful stones for any type of decorating. Marble and Granite are used not only for flooring but are used heavily in countertops in upscale homes. The best way for the Tulsa Construction Cleaning crew to clean this is very carefully and with no harsh chemicals. It is best to allow these stones to release their natural shine.



Many decorators and architects are using natural concrete as flooring for commercial and residential uses. The Multi-Clean crew for Tulsa Construction Cleaning will usually scrub this type of floor with a low-speed machine, and also depending on the size of the floor may possibly use an autoscrubber for larger square footage areas. Many concrete floors can be rotary scrubbed with diamond pads to bring out a natural shine. After this process is completed then there is no need for waxing the floor. Concrete has also been popular for countertops in residential homes recently.

Ultimately the construction cleaning Tulsa crew has many variables to consider when tackling a commercial construction clean job. Flooring is one hurdle that requires a good amount of knowledge and experience from leadership so that no damage is done to the surfaces.

The Tulsa construction cleaning crew must be aware of all flooring options, and must communicate effectively with the superintendent of the construction site, as well as with the floor installation crew to insure that all of the proper cleaning methods match those of the manufacturers recommendations.

Multi-Clean has the experience and knowledge on how to complete a Tulsa Construction Cleaning job for any type of commercial job if you are needing any type of job please feel free to give us a call at 918-523-8300, or you can email the owner at for a professional quote.