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Multi-Clean Janitorial Service and Commercial Cleaning service offers Carpet Cleaning Tulsa services in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Multi-Clean Janitorial Service is one of the few Commercial Cleaning Services that offers Truck Mounted carpet cleaning. There are other commercial cleaning services that offer truck mounted carpet cleaning, but Multi-Clean is the only Commercial Janitorial Service that owns their own equipment. Multi-Clean has been serving Oklahoma in Carpet Cleaning Tulsa for 30 years. We serve Tulsa and Oklahoma City in full janitorial services.

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Why Carpet Cleaning is important


In Carpet Cleaning Tulsa, Multi-Clean focuses on commercial carpet cleaning mainly. The Multi-Clean carpet cleaning team will clean carpets in residential homes, but our preference is in commercial buildings such as office buildings, industrial sites, churches, schools, and other commercially owned buildings.

Multi-Clean believes that truck mounted carpet cleaning is by far the best method for cleaning commercial carpets in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. The reason that the Carpet Cleaning Tulsa team believes is the most efficient and deeper method of cleaning carpets is listed below.

  • The Truck mounted system allows the water to get up to 212 degrees, which is by far the best way to clean carpets. The hot water allows the cleaning chemical to clean deeper into the carpet and the steam can act as a disinfecting property and can kill viruses and bacteria inside the carpet fibers.
  • The extraction process also has more power, the water lift on commercial truck mount carpet cleaning machines can be as high as 110. This high water lift can ensure that all of the dirt and debris and grime in the carpet is removed.
  • Hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning of carpets is used by all of the leading carpet cleaning service in the United States. The Hot water extraction method removes more soil from the carpet than any other process.

The machinery that is used by Multi-Clean is made by a company called ProChem. ProChem is one of the leaders is carpet cleaning machinery and equipment. ProChem carries a full line of carpet cleaning chemicals. Multi-Clean has used various products from ProChem in the past. The chemicals include but are not limited to Ultra Pac pre spotter, All Fiber Deep Clean, and All Fiber Rinse. The Multi-Clean Tulsa Carpet Cleaning team also uses a variety of chemicals from Home Depot Pro. If you are ever in need of SDS sheets for your business after Multi-Clean Carpet Cleaning has cleaned your office, please feel free to contact our office. In Tulsa, you can call 918-523-8300, and in Oklahoma City you can call 405-600-9790. Our qualified team and leaders will get you the information you need.


What is the process of cleaning carpet professionally in a commercial building?

In carpet cleaning Tulsa the carpet cleaning technician must first inspect the area to be cleaned and make mental notes on how much vacuum hose and how much pressure line is going to be needed to run from the carpet machine to the furthest point to start the cleaning. If the location has not been vacuumed prior to arriving. Once the process of unrolling the long vacuum and pressure hose has been completed, the carpet cleaning technician will then use a pre-spray solution to spray the carpeted area about to be cleaned. The pre-spray solution is applied with a pump sprayer in carpet cleaning Tulsa. The technician should allow the pre-spray to dwell on the carpet for anywhere from three to five minutes. This allows the pre-spray solution to loosen any dirt, debris, and grime so that the hot water solution can remove them from the carpet fibers easily. Once the wand is hooked up to the vacuum hose and the solution hose the technician can then begin cleaning the carpet. With a single stroke the hot water will shoot into the carpet and then be vacuumed up to be deposited back into the carpet van. This is a very simple procedure and is used by the top carpet cleaning companies.


The top chemicals used when cleaning carpets

  • The main chemical that the carpet cleaning technician is a Pre-Spray chemical. There are a variety of carpet pre-sprays. The Multi-Clean carpet cleaning team prefers a pre-spray from Pro-Chem. They have a great choice and variety of ideas for carpet cleaners
  • Acid Pre-Rinse. Because most pre-spray chemicals are a high alkaline in ph, It is very important the carpet cleaning technician uses this pre-rinse. The acid rinse is injected along with the water into the clean water to immediately make the water more acid which brings the alkalinity of the water at the carpet to be neutral. This keeps spots from coming back after the Tulsa carpet cleaning technician has left the location.
  • All Purpose Spotter. Having an all-purpose spotter to attack any general spotter is good. These spotters have multiple uses and are good to have.
  • Solvent Spotters – The Multi-Clean Carpet cleaning team carries a very good solvent called POG for our solvent spotter. This Solvent spotter is a non-volatile spotter. A non-volatile spotter is a spotter that dries quickly, meaning that it does not leave residue behind like a volatile solvent spotter can. This is an advantage because the less residue that the carpet cleaning technician leaves behind, the fresher and more hygienic the carpets will be at the end of the job.
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Ways you can keep your carpets clean at home or in your office

Vacuuming the carpets in your home or office is very important to keep the debris down on carpets. This debris can damage the carpet whenever there is a lot of traffic that grinds the dirt into the carpet which can damage the carpet fibers. Another item that homes and commercial businesses and opportunity to brighten their carpet in between cleanings is a Handi Groomer. The Handi Groomer is a carpet take that revives crushed and matted carpets and helps maintain pile structures within carpets. It gives the carpet a fresh look all of the time. It raises the fibers and allows regular vacuuming to remove the debris after the carpeting has been raked in Carpet Cleaning Tulsa.

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