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Floor Waxing Tulsa | old wax removal prep

Floor Waxing Tulsa | old wax removal prep


When you are looking for Floor Waxing Tulsa, it is essential that you find a company that does an amazing job as well as does the proper and necessary steps that are required for waxing the floor. One of the first steps of floor boxing is to remove the old wax on the floor. We take the proper steps to remove the old wax from the floor. We also have different methods for different types of flooring, but there are some general steps to be taken.

When starting to do Floor Waxing Tulsa, multi Clean employees take very great care to make sure there’s no leftover debris on the top of the floor. They start by clearing the floor by sweeping and vacuuming and getting as much material off of the floor as possible. Then, any stubborn spots that still remain on the floor after the sweeping process has been completed, will be removed. This might include any kind of gum or heavy, residue or retard that is left on the floor. This will be scraped off, or chemicals will be sprayed on the residue to break it up.

After all of the residue that is left over is removed from the ground, we then stripped the floors Floor Waxing Tulsa. Stripping the floors is a process that involves applying a solution to the floor that will Start to lift the old box. We are always extremely careful to always use the correct mixture in the correct solution for different kinds of forest. Using the wrong solution or a mixture or solution can often lead to over stripping off the floor which can destroy the integrity of the floor, by actually eroding for itself rather than the wax. It is also possible to under dilute the wax stripper or solution, which would result in all of the wax not being able to come off. There’s a reason that there is a specific dilution ratio that is used on certain surfaces, and we will stick to those regulations.

After we apply the stripping solution, and have diluted it correctly, we will apply a thick layer of the stripping solution so that it can work. It’s magic with the chemical reactions. We will await the proper time, but it takes time to allow the chemicals to work through the old wax. After we are done with the stripping solution, we will then use a special sewing machine that strips off the old wax using special scrapers. Within performed the rest of the wax removal procedure.

As you can see, our company takes special precautions to make sure that every waxing procedure is done correctly so that the new wax can be put on correctly and be sparkling new. If you want a company that well remove your old wax in the correct way and take all necessary and proper procedures, then we encourage you to look at our website https://multicleanok.com/ or contact us by phone number at 918-523-8300 for more information

Floor Waxing Tulsa heavy machinery for wax removal.

When we are doing Floor Waxing Tulsa, we are always here to take the necessary steps, and we take very special care when we are doing these steps. After we are done prepping the floor manually, we use our heavy industrial grade machines to finish the task. We use a sewing machine to strip off the old wax after it has gone through the stripping solution process. After we do this we rinse the floor first with an acid rinse and then we rinse the floor with water. After that we apply the wax. Let us go further into details about how each of these processes work.

When preparing for Floor Waxing Tulsa, it is vital that all of the previous wax that was on the floor before is removed. Removing all of the wax that was on the floor before allows a blank slate for the new wax. That is why we use a sewing machine that strips off every bit of the old wax. The swing machine uses a special brush that will get into the wax and essentially peel it off. The brush scrubs the wax in an abrasive way to get the wax off of the floor, without damaging the floor itself. Once that wax is removed, we then pour an acid solution over the floor and scrub it. The acid basically breaks down the chemical formula of the wax so that it can be completely removed and no wax residue is left.

Once the acid has been applied to the Floor Waxing Tulsa, it will need to be rinsed off. Because acid is extremely powerful, it needs to be thoroughly rinsed off from the area since it will actually destroy the new wax that is put on if any acid is left. For this reason, we rinse the floor with water to remove any acid. We do this at least twice. The water will neutralize the acid and also wash it away.

Once enough water has been poured on the floor to neutralize the acid, we will have a wet vacuum come through that will vacuum up all of the components of the solution on the floor. This includes water, wax, and leftover solution. After the wet vac has vacuumed up all of the leftover solution, the floor is ready for the new wax application. We will then begin to do the application of the wax. Once the wax application is done, it is vital to let it dry for at least 30 minutes between each coat and dry for at least eight hours before the floor is used

When you are searching for floor cleaner, and a wax removal, we would love for you to check out our website https://multicleanok.com/ to see some of the work we have already done previously as well as get a free consultation so we can get you started today. You can also tell us by phone number at 918-523-8300 if you have any other questions.