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Disinfecting Service Tulsa | prevent the spread of infections

Disinfecting Service Tulsa | prevent the spread of infections


In a time such as today, where there is a global pandemic, it is crucial to maintain sanitation measures, especially in your workplace, which is why you need our Disinfecting Service Tulsa. One of our greatest priorities in our commercial cleaning business is to keep our community safe and free of sickness and keep our community overall healthy.
In any instance where we can save lives, and prevent the spread of a pandemic, we will do so. That is why we specialize in disinfecting offices, schools, churches, industrial, and other types of buildings. Anywhere that people gather in a large building, quite often, we would like to keep that place Clean and sanitized, so that we can prevent the spread of any sicknesses and diseases.

The reason that you should choose our Disinfecting Service Tulsa it’s because of our extremely high ratings. Where the highest, the most Frank cleaning, business and all of Oklahoma. We serve Tulsa, Bartlesville, Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. You can check out our website to see the reviews that our previous customers have left us as well as you can get on Google to see the reviews that people have left us on Google. you will see that we are a very highly rated company, and you can trust us with all of your sanitization needs.

Something that stands out about our company When providing Disinfecting Service Tulsa is the high quality cleaning chemicals and disinfectants that we use. Because we know that different viruses are affected by different cleaning agents, we have had our chemical engineers design, and develop several different kinds of cleaning products that will kill bacteria and viruses on different surfaces. When we clean and sanitize your commercial business, we are sure to take extra care around the places that are collectors of bacteria. This includes high touch areas where employees, guests, and others utilize the most.

Obviously, it is becoming apparent that the restrooms were more German bacteria infested than other places, which is why we take extra special care when we are cleaning restrooms. We take extra precautions, to make sure that the area that we are cleaning is absolutely spotless to the eye, but also completely rid of any germs, bacteria, viruses, or pathogens. The way that we clean is beyond just what the eye can see. We clean deeper and really get into each and every crevice so that we can And sure have a positive experience for you.

We would love to help you get started with your free consultation today if you could just get into contact with us through our website https://multicleanok.com/, where you can also find pictures of our previous work, as well as all of the services we provide and the list of products that we use. You can also get in touch with us by dialing the phone number 918-523-8300 and we would be happy to speak with you today.

Disinfecting Service Tulsa | how we go above and beyond

Here at multi clean, we go above and beyond when we perform Disinfecting Service Tulsa. We provide you with a service called electrostatic fogging, as well as using only the best cleaning chemicals out there. We use a chemical line called Spartan chemical. Their main ingredients are sodium carbonate, tetrasodium EDTA, tangerine oils, C9–11, and Pareth 6. These are extremely useful cleaning products that will serve you and your area with the absolute best service that you deserve. Not only do these chemicals serve as a cleaner and sanitizer, but they also act as a block or against bacteria, mildew, fungus, and disinfectant.

What exactly is electrostatic fogging in Disinfecting Service Tulsa? Electrostatic fogging is the best way to disinfect an area. We use on the top of the line fogging machines. We believe that the better the machines that we use, the better of the job we can do. That is why we only use the highest quality of products and machines. An electrostatic sprayer is a machine that is electrically charged, which super charge is the electrons in the room, and on the surface that you were disinfecting, and actually gets around, under, and through all of the bacteria, in any kind of viruses that are pestering around on a surface.

Electrostatic fogging is what is the most advanced Disinfecting Service Tulsa in the industry. The purpose of this technique is to get into hard to reach places that most disinfectants that were sprayers could not reach. Yes, essentially, the electrostatic fogger generates electrically charged particles and disperse the system into the air in a fog form. By doing this, the fog is able to get around to areas that cannot be reached normally, and can actually lift away all of the bacteria and germs that are in that area. Once the charged electrons float around in the air, they search for a positively charged proton two attached to this.

When these positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons attach to each other, the negatively charged electrons that contain the sanitizing solution can actually bring itself to the germs and bacteria, and absolutely demolish any left over germs and pathogens. The best part about this process is that the fogger can be used to reach tight places, around corners, and disperse itself into places that we might have missed and did not realize. One of the highlights about this is that we can actually kill the viruses such as the COVID-19 virus during this pandemic, and actually prevent the spread of illnesses and viruses by killing them before they have a chance to move somewhere else.

We understand that it is really important to have a sanitized and clean workplace. That is why we were here to help you at any time to get you set up for routine cleanings so that you can maintain a sanitized and clean workspace. We would love for you to reach out to us through our website https://multicleanok.com/ or give us a quick phone call at 918-523-8300.