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Commercial Cleaning Tulsa | Where Are We?

Commercial Cleaning Tulsa | Where Are We?


Multi-clean is going to be your One Stop Shop if you do in fact have a commercial property that you feel is going to need assistance in cleaning or disinfecting at some point in time, whatever type of Commercial Cleaning Tulsa you will need. is this it is because not only is multi-clean going to be able to provide your commercial property with a brand new look, but it’s also going to make sure that if you need further assistance with cleaning your floors or treating your floors we are going to assist you with that as well. We have the proper equipment it takes to be able to provide you with the highest quality chemical cleaning and professional looking service completion. Whether you have carpets, any clean or hard fillers are definitely going to have you covered.

When it comes to floor care we want to go ahead and start by saying we are definitely unsurpassed and our industry. This means that we can clean almost any type of commercial floor no matter what type of Commercial Cleaning Tulsa that you are requesting. We are also very familiar with most commercial buildings and understand the points of attention that are going to be within the building which are going to need the most assistance in cleaning. We want you to know that when waxing a floor we are going to rinse the floor to remove all the residue which is the most common mistake.

Over time the owner of multi-clean, kevin, has learned the precise needs for being able to wax or clean commercial floors. With this, he also learned the proper techniques and equipment that is needed to efficiently complete Commercial Cleaning Tulsa services. This is exactly why he wants you to know that the best procedures to follow when stripping and waxing vinyl composition tile floors are going to be the ones that he follows when he does the same thing. The first job he ever completed was waxing a salon by himself was actually in 1993.

With this, you can assume that he has definitely learned a lot when it comes to stripping and waxing commercial floor properties. there are tons of areas and caveats when it comes to waxing a floor so you want to make sure that not only are you knowledgeable in how to wax or clean a floor but you are all so very knowledgeable in the type of project that it’s going to be, this means that many floors have different areas and different values.

we would like you to understand a little bit more about the services that we’re going to be able to provide you here at our facility which is exactly why we have uploaded tons of information about the services on our website at multicleanok.com or you can reach us by dialing the phone number for our Tulsa and Bartlesville cleaning services at 918-523-8300.

Commercial Cleaning Tulsa | Our Passion

Since 1993 a Commercial Cleaning Tulsa company known as multi-clean has been able to provide some of the best commercial cleaning properties that you’ve been able to see anywhere else. With this, the owner Kevin understands the importance of being able to provide a facility that is going to house employees for a lifetime. not literally, but he does want employees to know that they have a place here at his company for as long as that may be and that they will always be supported and appreciated. Having amazing employees for your company, especially with a cleaning service company, is going to be extremely important. This is because they are going to be the face of your company and show exactly what you are capable of.

Although the owner has definitely provided enough resources and information for people to understand exactly what they’re going to be able to provide when it comes to Commercial Cleaning Tulsa because of his own experience cleaning properties, that doesn’t mean that his employees will perform the same. This is exactly why he wants to make sure to support his employees in every way while providing them the training and resources necessary to be able to complete these commercial cleaning property needs.

By providing his employees with these opportunities and these advancements he is ensuring that his Commercial Cleaning Tulsa Remain the highest rated and most reviewed in the state of oklahoma. Knowing the importance of commercial cleaning and being able to complete it in a timely manner is the difference between us and other commercial cleaning properties nearby. We also take care of our employees with a passion because we know that whether they need assistance for family issues, financial issues, medical or even food assistance we are going to be able to help them out.

If you are currently an employee and you seem to be interested in exactly how to look over these assistants and resource needs then you can go ahead and visit our website. Our website actually has tons of assistance and resources on it for employees to be able to obtain certain programs or certain donations. These range from Life skills, free medical clinics, food pantries, and so much more. Believe it or not, this is just one of the ways that Kevin has strived to provide people in the community while giving back to his employees. He wants everyone to know that they are welcome to receive his services, be employed at his company. It’s so much more.

I stayed previously and we have lots of information on our website about the resources and assistance we can provide to you as an employee. With this, go ahead and check that out on our website at multicleanok.com then select the About button and go ahead and check out those resources that we’re able to provide to you. We also want you to know that you are more than welcome to give us a call for our Bartlesville and Tulsa locations using the following phone number: 918-523-8300! Our employees are what we take pride in along with the capabilities that they have to provide others with these amazing services.