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Commercial Cleaning Tulsa | Learn More

Commercial Cleaning Tulsa | Learn More


Are you a commercial property owner and you’re currently in search of Commercial Cleaning Tulsa, but just unsure where to go? Then we can definitely help you out here at multi-clean oklahoma. We are going to make sure that no matter what type of commercial property we will definitely be able to assist you in providing the proper janitorial services, cleaning services, floor cleaning, or whatever issues you may be having that need to be dealt with. We take pride in being able to provide some of the best quality when it comes to commercial cleaning services and we have strived for over 30 years in the Tulsa Metro area. Along with this we service other areas as well such as Oklahoma city, muskogee, bixby, and bartlesville.

you may also be unaware exactly what the owner is Kevin and Karen believe are very important when it comes to providing some of the best Commercial Cleaning Tulsa, but we are going to go ahead and let you know that they are extremely passionate about allowing their employees to be able to receive the assistance and opportunities that they know they’re able to provide. This is because they are extremely humble and understand exactly how lucky they are to be in the position they are, therefore they would like to give back to the community in any way possible.

to give you a little bit more information on exactly what is entailed when you go ahead and receive our Commercial Cleaning Tulsa services, we are going to go through a quick rundown of the possibilities that you can choose when it comes to our services. We are going to offer you the opportunity to be able to receive janitorial services, floor cleaning services, and definitely just so much more whether it is sanitation or anything else. If you have a medical building we are of course going to recommend our Sanitation cleaning services, in which we are extremely knowledgeable and capable of providing you some of the best sanitation needed to destroy any and all viruses.

We also want you to know that we are going to be able to provide you either 7-Day per week cleanings or 5-day per week cleanings along with a one-day per week cleaning. Whatever your schedule may be or your need for us to come clean your property, we can do it on your schedule anytime you want. We clean buildings Monday through Friday to make sure that they are going to be sanitary for your employees along with anyone who enters the building. However, you can specifically request we clean on weekends.

Being able to learn more about the services we provide and the opportunities that are going to come along with these is extremely important which is why we have jam-packed our website with tons of information about the different types of services we were able to provide to you at multicleanok.com. for Tulsa or Bartlesville areas you can also reach us at 918-523-8300.

Commercial Cleaning Tulsa | Training Provided

The owners of multi-clean, a Commercial Cleaning Tulsa company, take pride in being able to provide an atmosphere in which their employees can be happy and proud of entering into. They also know that they are extremely lucky to be put in the position they are in which they have worked extremely hard to achieve. With this, they also want to make sure they are able to give back to the community in some of the best ways possible. There is definitely no one else that is going to be able to surpass the amazing qualities that the owners of multi-clean have been able to show. over 30 years ago the owner Kevin, cleaned a salon studio all by himself and watched the floors all by himself. This is just one of the ways that you can see they have definitely worked hard for the position in which they are in now.

Being able to give back to the community is extremely important to the owners of multi-clan because they really just want to show their appreciation for the community and the surrounding people that have made it possible for them to have such an amazing business. This is exactly why the philosophy here at multi-clean is that the employees are going to be equally important if not more important to Performance of our Commercial Cleaning Tulsa services! Yes, we know the importance of having amazing employees and the fact that they are within our company.

With this, we have made sure to provide tons of assistance and support to all our employees when we are capable. This means that we actually have more than a 10 resources listed on our website for employees to be able to check out themselves independently to get assistance with food, medical, or even Dental care. they’re just so many ways in which we want to be able to help our employees who have made us the highest rated and most reviewed Commercial Cleaning Tulsa property that you’ll be able to find.

A way in which the owners love to get back to the community and not just their employees is by providing the opportunity for single mothers or local homeless people to be able to get job training for the cleaning services that we provide along with basic living skills. This is going to help bring back their relationship with Jesus there to help them perform within our company. A percentage of our profits will continue to go to many local or Global organizations that we feel will be supported best by us.

However, we definitely want you to be able to learn a little bit more about the Ministries that we have been able to be a part of in the past such as Krampus Crusade for Christ and fight for the forgotten. to learn more about these just go visit our website on multicleanok.com and read through our French page which will include tons of information about where we began. You are also more than welcome to give us a call at 918-523-8300 if you have any questions.