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Hello, My name is Kevin Thomas and I am the owner of Multi-Clean cleaning services, We are based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our phone number is 918-523-8300 Our address is 5874 South 129th East Avenue, 74134. Multi-Clean is a Janitorial service that began in 1993. We are focused on Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa. Our website is www.multiclean1.com. If you have any questions Multi-Clean, please feel free to reach me on my email at kevin@multiclean1.com Thank you for listening to this podcast.

In todays podcast we will be discussing the importance of vacuuming carpets throughout a commercial facility and how that can affect environmental health of the tenants and any guest that might be visiting the facility. Our main customers are looking for Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa.

There are several types of vacuums that can be used in a commercial cleaning services Tulsa setting. One type is the back pack vacuum. This vacuum is worn the back and a wand come off the vacuum and allows the user to vacuum the carpet. However the back pack vacuum does not have a beater bar or the technical term would be a distribulator. These beater bars allow the bar at the base of any vacuum to literally beat the carpet and this motion causes any debris or dirt to be vibrated to the surface so that the actually vacuum motor can suck the dirt into the bag. The back pack vacuums come in many types and brands. The most popular back pack brand is the pro team. The pro team vacuum comes in a 6 quart and a ten quart model. The six quart model is popular because it is lighter and helps keep the cleaning technician from getting any strains in their lower back area. One thing that keeps the vacuum lighter and less straining is the back restrain that is attached to the actual canister part of the vacuum. Inside of the backpack vacuum is a paper filter usually known as a vacuum bag. The ten quart back pack vacuum although it is a little heavier has a much stronger vacuum motor. Vacuum suction is also measured in what is called water lift. Because there is more air flow in the ten quart back pack vacuum it is therefore considered to be a better vacuum than the popular 6 quart vacuum. The 10 quart back pack vacuum is heavier and not as popular with many women and some men. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa safety is important in regards to vacuuming carpets.
Lately there has been some changed in technology to allow different variations of the back pack vacuum. One variation is a form fitted back cushion that fits to the actual back and not a flat surface that can at times be uncomfortable. Also technology has come of age most recently where now back pack vacuums available in mainly the six quart vacuum is the battery vacuum. This allows the user to be free from any type of cords that can also be a hindrance to time efficiency and also safety for any patrons that are occupying the building at the time of cleaning. Without the cord the cleaning technician can move freely within a building usually cleaning one or five times more space than with a corded back pack vacuum. There are however some draw backs to the battery back pack vacuum. With the onset of newer battery technology the length of time that a cleaning tech can vacuum is getting longer as well as the charging time of the battery. Usually a battery in a battery back pack will last as much as forty seven minutes. The charge time for the batteries is usually in a range of two hours to two and a half hours. The one weakness about the batteries is that as the batteries begin to run down when usage begins to end. The actual air flow begins to go down because the efficiency of the batteries begins to go down and thus you lose suction from the motor. Proper airflow is important in the area of commercial cleaning services Tulsa to be certain all debris is removed from the flooring.
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One thing that can be done is to purchase multiple batteries and to have them charging while using one battery at a time. Using this method will allow the cleaner to be more effective with the battery vacuum when they are able to change out the battery midstream of vacuuming a large facility.

One of the better vacuums that is used in commercial vacuum is the Sanitaire vacuum which is made by the Eureka company. Eureka has been in the business of making vacuums for decades but by far the sanitaire vacuum has been the most popular and longest lasting vacuum. You can see the sanitaire vacuum used in many industries. The main industry in is the commercial cleaning services Tulsa industry. Most janitorial services use this vacuum faithfully for almost all of their vacuuming needs. One of the main reasons that the sanitaire is so popular is that because it is made of very strong plastics and there are many metal parts. Much of the plastic on a sanitaire vacuum is called Lexan. These lexan fans and fan covers and made of the same plastic that football helmets are made of. Lexan fans are especially durable and serve the commercial cleaning services Tulsa industry well. These vacuums are constantly vacuuming up debris and that can be hard on many vacuums. One items that can be placed on the front of the vacuum is a magnet. The magnet allows the user to go underneath desks with the vacuum and pick up paper clips and staples. By picking up the staples and the paper clips it keeps them from going through lexan fan that creates the air flow for the vacuum force of the sanitaire vacuum.

The sanitaire vacuum is also equipped with a fifty foot power cord which allows the vacuum to be plugged in to a central location and then can be efficiently used throughout and entire facility without having to plug and unplug which waste the cleaning technicians time. Being efficient with your time is a very important standard in commercial cleaning services Tulsa. The handle is also made of metal which gives the body strength when having to carry the vacuum from location to location. The sanitaire also has a very good set of wheels underneath. Because the sanitaire vacuum is heavier than most home style vacuums, the wheels allow the vacuum to move freely and not be a burden or possible safety issue with the cleaner of the building. In my next podcast I plan to discuss proper vacuuming techniques and the importance of vacuuming not only your office but also your home on a regular basis.

Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa is a vitally important area that we used proper vacuums and vacuuming techniques.