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Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa | Using a Sanitaire Vacuum

In todays podcast about commercial cleaning services Tulsa, we will be discussing the importance of using a sanitaire vacuuming when cleaning a commercial office building. The material for this article is being provided to you by Kevin Thomas, he is the owner of Multi-Clean Cleaning Services, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The corporate office for commercial cleaning services Tulsa of Multi-Clean is located off of 129th East Avenue near 61st street. The office borders between the city of Tulsa and the city of Broken Arrow Oklahoma. This zip code for the Multi-Clean office is 74134.

Sanitaire vacuums are critical to be used in commercial cleaning services Tulsa and other commercial type facilities. Sanitaire vacuums are unique to the cleaning industry. The reason that the sanitaire needs to be used only by 5 night per week cleaning in buildings is due to the durability of the vacuum.

In commercial cleaning services Tulsa, Multi-Clean primarily used the sanitaire vacuums because of their reliability and over the long term the vacuums become cost effective because when taken care of they rarely break down. The main reason in commercial cleaning services Tulsa that sanitaires are so durable is that they are made of higher quality materials than that of other vacuums both commercial and residential. The handle is made of all steel, with a solid plastic handle at the top. The connector pieces that connect the two parts of the handle are also made of steel. This allows long life in the handle section of the sanitaire vacuum. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa, the body of the sanitaire vacuum is also built in a very durable way. The main body is in 2 separate pieces. The hood or cover of the vacuum is usually made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a product that has been used for centuries especially in steel mills. These steel mills make steel that builds large commercial buildings like Multi-Clean cleans in commercial cleaning services Tulsa. Again because the hood is main of steel, the cleaning person can bump the vacuum into several things whether it be a desk or a table accidentally and the metal or stainless steel hood will not be damaged. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa, the base of the sanitaire commercial vacuum is made of a very durable and thick plastic. This plastic’s thickness is important to give the base of the vacuum plenty of strength to allow it to be used each and every day and in multiple locations when needed.
The fan that is inside of the motor housing and the actually motor housing itself is made of a very durable plastic called Lexan. Lexan is a very strong commercial made plastic that has been used in the nfl for some of the football helmets throughout the league. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa, having a durable lexan fan is a good choice. Since all of the debris goes through the fan and the fan motor, the lexan fan works better than a steel fan. The lexan fan has the ability to be flexible and bend where as a steel fan can more easily break when difficult debris is brought the the fan housing. The beater bar which is also called the distribulator can be one of two products there is the vg 1 and the vg 2. The vg 1 was made with a very aerodynamic shape. The shape allows the beater bar to actually increase air flow so that the vacuum can be more effective. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa having a solid vacuum with very good air flow allows the operator to be more efficient when cleaning a building that is classified as commercial cleaning services Tulsa.

The vg 1 beater bar also has black beater strips which brush the carpet to removed imbedded debris. The vg 2 has the orange colored beater strips. They both operate very efficiently when installed correctly in the beater bar assembly. The vg 2 is more of a circular shape. The vg 2 does not have the aerodynamic shape that the vg 1 has. Also the vg 2 is more economical. This allows the commercial cleaning services Tulsa company to be able to purchase more beater bars at lower prices. Typically the vg1 beater bar costs over forty dollars and the vg2 beater bar costs around 20 dollars. They are both very efficient beater bars, but for the money the vg2 is by far the better buy. When buying brushes for the vg1 and vg2 beater bars make sure that you buy the correct lengths of brushes. Both sets of brushes are of different lengths in commercial cleaning services Tulsa. When installing the brushes into the beater bar you must first remove the end cap with a very special tool I will call it an end cap tool. When removing the end cap, the edges of the beater bar can be very sharp, so it is important for the repair person to make sure and be safe and not get their hands cut, especially when working on vacuums in commercial cleaning services Tulsa.

When removing the strips it is best to use a pair of needle nose pliers. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa, at multi-clean we have several tools that we use. One of course is the needle nose pliers. It is necessary in commercial cleaning services Tulsa, to firmly grasp the beater brush and pull at somewhat of an angle since the brushes are somewhat twisted when they are installed. They are twisted because they just angled around the beater bar. This is important whether you have a vg1 or a vg2 beater bar in your commercial cleaning services Tulsa vacuum cleaner. One the brushes have been removed, and before installing the new commercial cleaning services Tulsa brushes, it is important to twist the brushes in the same angle as they were removed. Not bending the brushes will make it difficult to install the brushes in the correct manner. So in review the commercial sanitaire vacuum is a vital piece of cleaning equipment in commercial cleaning services Tulsa.

Multi-Clean believes strongly in using the sanitaire vacuum which is made by eureka in most of our accounts. So in commercial cleaning services Tulsa we prefer the sanitaire vacuums.