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Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa | The Water Damage Restoration Process

In todays daily podcast by Multi-Clean we will be discussing several things including commercial cleaning services Tulsa.
Also we will be discussing the proper way to handle a water damage in a commercial building. This is Kevin Thomas and I am the owner of Multi-Clean Cleaning Services based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are located at 5874 South 129th East Avenue. Our website is www.multiclean1.com, our office number is 918-523-8300. Multi-Clean has been in business for 26 years when we started the business in 1993.

The process for doing a water damage restoration job can be tedious, and it is very important that all the steps are followed. All the way from the way you handle the call, to dealing with the emotional needs of the customer as well as working with the insurance company.

Commercial cleaning services Tulsa is a way to handle water restoration job. When a commercial building first calls to notify us that they have had a flood situation in their building. It is important to know the approximate square footage that is affected, as well as if the water has been turned off from the source. It is also to know how long the water has been flowing or how long since they found the water. The source of the water is very important also, because this determines the category of the water. Most water damages are category 1, but there is also a category 2, and a category 3 water damage. We will get into more detail on the category 2 and category 3 in a further discussion including commercial cleaning services Tulsa.

Once you have determined the factors noted above, this will help the restoration provider select what type of equipment they need to bring to the restoration project. For this podcast we will determine that this is a category 1 water damage.

Because the customer is usually devasted by the fact that their facility is flooded with thousands of gallons of water, it is very important to address the emotions of the customer within the first 5 minutes of the visit. Its important once you meet the customer and see the damaged areas to take the customer aside and let them know that everything is going to be ok, and that the building will get back to normal as quickly as possible. During this time you should have several workers working quickly like buzy bees bringing in equipment and another crew preparing to extract the carpet. In the case as is with most commercial cleaning services Tulsa buildings, the commercial carpet will probably be a glue down, which is better for long term care. The opposite of this would be carpet that has padding as in a residential home. When the carpets in residential homes gets wet, usually the carpet and padding must be removed from the home, but with commercial glue down carpet it is usually not necessary to do this step.

When the extraction crew begins extracting the team must go to the furthest spot away from the carpet van so that the team can works its way back to the van. If there is ever a situation where the water can be up to two to three feet deep, then a sump pump or some type of pumping system we will be required to extract the water. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa it is rare that the pumping system will be required.

As the extraction team is extracting the water out of the carpeted areas, it is important that the equipment crew begins setting up air movers to begin drying the carpet. In the case where the drywall has been wet as well, it is required to remove the baseboard, and drill large holes as the bottom of the drywall and put air movers in those spots to dry inside the wall. The best way to determine if the walls are wet in commercial cleaning services Tulsa is to use a moisture meter. There are two types of moisture meters. The first is a penetrating moisture meter that has sharp prongs, these sharp prongs penetrate into the drywall and determine if the wall is wet. The second kind of moisture meter is the non- penetrating moisture meter. My personal preference is commercial cleaning services Tulsa is to use the non -penetrating moisture meter due to the ease of use and the amount of places it can be used.
So after extracting the water, it is important to use the non-penetrating moisture meter along the bottoms of all of the walls. Depending on how high the water wicked up the drywall will determine the type of intervention will happen. If the water rose above one to two feet, then it is recommended that the drywall be cut up to at least that distance. The reason for this is that it can be difficult to effectively dry the drywall above 1 foot. Another determining factor in commercial cleaning services Tulsa for wall drying is if the particular wall has insulation. When the insulation gets wet, it is important to pull the insulation. Insulation is very difficult to dry, therefore it does need to be removed.

Once the extraction team has removed all of the water from the carpet, and the equipment team has placed all of the air movers, it is important to determine the number of air movers the facility will need. Usually it is best to put one air mover per 6 feet of linear wall, and a minimum of 1 air mover per wall when dealing with smaller rooms. In closets it is ok to have as few as 2 air movers. It is important in commercial cleaning services Tulsa, that all of the air movers are facing in the same direction. The ideal goal is for the air movers to create a vortex of air inside the room therefore encouraging more air movement other than that created by the air movers themselves.

Another consideration is available electricity. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa, a commercial facility must have enough electricity to serve the needs of the air movers as well as other equipment such as dehumidifiers and air cleaners.

So in conclusion of commercial cleaning services Tulsa discussion of water damage restoration is to make sure that your crew is knowledgable of their work, and that the restoration company has the proper equipment to safely complete the job.

The main factor in the above discussion is that of safety for not only the crew that in completing the work but also for the tenants and guests in the building.

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