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Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa | The Sanitaire Vacuum is the King of the Vacuums

Today’s informational podcast and blog will be a commercial sanitaire vacuum. This information is being presented to you today by Kevin Thomas, he is the owner of Multi-Clean cleaning services located in Tulsa. Multi-Clean is incorporated under the name of Thomas and Associates. Thomas and Associates was created back in 1993 by Kevin Thomas.
In commercial cleaning services Tulsa we use all different types of vacuum cleaners. The one vacuum that has been the mainstay in the commercial cleaning services Tulsa industry has been the sanitaire vacuum which is made by the Eureka company. The Eureka company was founded several decades ago and along with Hoover has been one of the longest lasting vacuum companies in the united states. Eureka at one time was the sister company to a company located in Elkhart, Indiana. That company was called Kent. In fact, in commercial cleaning services Tulsa, Kent also made the sanitaire vacuum in their Elkhart Indiana facility. I had the opportunity one time to visit and tour the Kent plant in Elkhart Indiana. Kent is very supportive of commercial cleaning services Tulsa. It was very eye opening to see the Ken vacuum and the eureka sanitiare vacuum made in the exact same factory, of course since they were both competitors and were competing for the same market share in commercial cleaning services Tulsa. The main distributor for the Eureka sanitaire vacuum would be the vacuum shops that focus mainly on selling vacuums. There are several shops in the Tulsa area, but the largest and most successful vacuum shop in Tulsa would be Bewley sweeper service.

Bewley sweeper service is owned by Jim Bewley. Jim’s father started his sweeper service at least 60 years ago in Tulsa, and has had the same location at 15th and Sheridan for all of the 60 years that they have been in business. In fact when I was growing up, my grandmother had a carpet business next door to Jim Bewleys vacuum shop. Commercial cleaning services Tulsa, I would visit and play in the vacuum shop daily when I was growing up as a boy. I also was able to play in my grandmothers carpet store, and then afterwards I was able to play next door as well. The reason that the bewley store carries the santaire vacuum is because it is by far the most popular vacuum in the cleaning services Tulsa industry. They sweeper store also sells hoover vacuums, but the sanitaire is the biggest seller for this particular store. The store will usually buy anywhere from 80 to 100 vacuums to resell to janitorial services. Janitorial services Tulsa and commercial cleaning services Tulsa are usually the biggest buyer of the commercial vacuum cleaners. Most commercial cleaning services Tulsa understand that these commercial vacuums are the best and really only option when it comes to purchasing high quality vacuum cleaners. Another very popular and long lasting vacuum store in Tulsa is called House of Vacuums. Another very popular store that sold the sanitaire and also the kent vacuum cleaners is Everclean supply company located in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Everclean supply company was originally formed in California in 1974. The supply company then moved to Tulsa Oklahoma and began selling equipment. The store was located at 21st and Harvard. Everclean supply company also sold a full line of the kent products such as vacuums, wet dry vacuums, automatic scrubbers and carpet extractors. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa, its important to carry all of the necessary cleaning equipment when you operate a cleaning store. Everclean supply mainly served commercial cleaning services Tulsa companies. Everclean supply company also served the janitorial customers of the cleaning company called everclean janitorial service. Everclean serviced cleaning customers all over the metro Tulsa area. The job of Everclean supply company was to sell supplies to the everclean janitorial customers. Mostly consumable supplies were sold to commercial cleaning services Tulsa customers. Those supplies included toilet tissue, paper towels, trash bags, urinal screens and other miscellaneous products that the end user customer used in their buildings.

The toilet tissue comes in different sizes and grades. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa, most companies would use the regular roll toilet tissue, also they would use the jumbo roll toilet tissue. The jumbo roll toilet tissue usually comes in a 12 roll pack, the regular roll usually comes in a 96 rolls per case. The more premium toilet tissue such as cottonelle, usually comes in a smaller pack of 40 or 60 rolls. Most commercial cleaning services Tulsa sell the regular roll that is in the 96 roll pack. The toilet tissue in the larger case sizes always has 500 sheets per roll. Commercial cleaning services Tulsa, however over the years the roll size has gotten considerably smaller and the sheet size has also gotten smaller. At one time the sheet sizes were four inches by four inches. Now the sheet sizes in commercial cleaning services Tulsa are much smaller. In the jumbo roll tissue, the rolls are much longer and there is about 1000 feet of toilet tissue per roll. Commercial cleaning services Tulsa, the paper is also not perforated like the smaller rolls, and the jumbo roll tissue is sometimes a single ply roll. The reason that some customer prefer the larger rolls is that they have a customer base or they have a lot of visitors to their location in commercial cleaning services Tulsa.

With the larger toilet paper rolls, you do not need to change the roll as often, because of this in commercial cleaning services Tulsa, the dispensers do not run out of toilet paper as often. The jumbo roll tissue dispensers can have a double dispenser, so once one side is empty it can be refilled by another roll. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa, this alleviates a lot of extra effort by the commercial janitorial services Tulsa team. When stocking their carts its important to make sure that they put the toilet tissue and paper towels on the cart to make sure they restock the products. Its important in commercial cleaning services Tulsa to restock the toilet paper and paper towels. Nobody usually likes running out of toilet paper in a stall when you are sitting down. That is why in commercial cleaning services Tulsa that the manager must train the cleaner to restock supplies on a daily basis.