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Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa | The History of Multi-Clean

Hello, This is Kevin Thomas and I am the owner of Multi-Clean cleaning services based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our address is 5874 South 129th East Avenue, 74134. Our phone number is 918-523-8300. Multi-Clean is a Janitorial service that began in 1993. Our website is www.multiclean1.com. If you have any questions about our company please feel free to reach me on my email at kevin@multiclean1.com Thank you for listening to our podcast.
Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa is one of many topics we will be discussing in all of these blog posts.

Today I would like to speak about the history of Multi-Clean. Multi-Clean began back in 1993 when Kevin Thomas was working for a Supply Company by the name of Everclean Supply. Kevins main job was in sales. He sold cleaning supplies, chemicals, paper products, trash bags and miscellaneous air freshening products along with cleaning equipment such as vacuums, floor scrubber, floor buffers and automatic scrubbers.
Kevin came quite knowledgeable about the Janitorial Industry while working at Everclean. His immediate boss was Tim Hetrick and the owner of the company was Travis Jones. Tim taught Kevin most of what he learned in the first few years in regards to commercial cleaning services Tulsa. Kevin learned much about the chemistry of chemicals and studied more importantly how chemicals can work together. The ph level of most chemicals determines what kind of cleaner it is. A high alkaline chemical would be one that is basically for stripping and waxing floors, or for cleaning carpets. A Low alkaline chemical would also be called an Acid. These acids are mainly used for cleaning of restrooms and hard water areas within a building such as those that would be inside of a toilet or those that would be on a stainless steel water fountain. It is important when using acids that you are careful to rinse them off of stainless steel and chrome so that you do not burn the metal. Metal burns caused by acid are very difficult, and almost impossible to remove without totally replacing the metal itself. Having knowledge of acid cleaners is important in commercial cleaning services Tulsa.

Alkaline chemicals work well when stripping and waxing floors. The high alkaline base allows the chemical to loosen the wax from the tile, whether it be VCT tile, terrazzo or sometime of synthetic flooring. One important step when stripping a tile floor is to make sure that your chemical is neutralized with a all purposed neutralizing solution. This will allow all of the chemical to be removed when completing the final rinse of the floor prior to applying the first coat of wax.
Also in Developing his company for Commercial Cleaning Service in Tulsa,
Kevin learned the difference between a water based cleaner and an oil based cleaner. This knowledge of water and oil based cleaners is important in commercial cleaning services Tulsa. The water based cleaner, are, of course based on water as the main ingredient then different surfactants are added to assist in removing dirt, scum and other materials from the cleaning surface. Water based cleaners include glass cleaners, restroom cleaners, all purpose cleaners, neutral floor cleaners, disinfectants and sanitizers. Most of the cleaners are safe for use in all applications within a commercial building and commercial cleaning services Tulsa. There are also solvent based cleaners which are of course based on an oil base. Many solvent based cleaners are used to clean metals such as stainless steel, brushed metals and other metals that may be within a building. Solvents can also be used in carpet cleaning applications. These chemicals usually remove heavy oils left from boots or other materials left on the carpet. The solvent is also good at removing gum from carpets especially in a commercial building. One area that has a lot of gum is Casinos. This is struggle to remove because some times the gum is left for several days before being addressed by the cleaning staff and the supervisor. When this happens a straight application of the solvent chemical must be used to remove the heavy gum. Having this knowledge of proper gum removal techniques is important in commercial cleaning services Tulsa. You must also use a bone scraper which helps remove the gum away from the carpet fibers. It is also ok to use a pocket knife to pry the gum off of the carpeting as well. One note or precaution is to be careful not to rip any of the carpet fibers when using a sharp knife. In a casino application the carpet is usually a wool or wool blend. These carpets are usually not in a looped fashion but in a cut fashion. Because they are in a looped fashion the use of sharp knife should not hurt the carpeting. When you notice a looped carpet, it is recommended that you only use the bone scraper. It may be possible that you are required to use several applications of the chemical to ensure proper removal of the gum from the carpet. There are times that when the gum has been allowed to sit for weeks or months that the residue left by the gum could possible discolor the carpet making it difficult to bring the carpet back to its original color.
Other chemicals that will need to be used when cleaning carpets that Kevin learned while working at Everclean supply company are disinfectants and enzyme cleaners. There is a major difference between disinfectants and enzymes in the commercial cleaning services Tulsa field. The disinfectant is designed to kill any of the bad bacteria that may be in the carpet fibers, disinfectants can also be used in cleaning of restrooms as well as kitchen applications when a degreaser cleaner will have a disinfectant added to the chemical. This allows the degreaser to kill any bacteria that might be in any type of food borne type product.
Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa can be good for learning the knowledge it takes to treat enzyme stains.

The enzyme is a unique product in an of itself. The design of the enzyme is made for the enzyme to actually eat the bacteria rather than kill the bacteria as a disinfectant will do. Bacteria enzyme cleaners work well when assisted by water. When an enzyme gets dry the bacteria then become ineffective and do not work at killing the bacteria that is on the carpet fibers of that would also be on any hard surface such as tile, ceramic tile or stainless steel walls in a kitchen area.

Kevin also learned that you can never mix a disinfectant and an enzyme when trying to solve a cleaning problem. Since the disinfectant is designed to kill any bacteria, this process will kill any good bacteria that the enzyme is trying to eat as it works. Also the Enzyme will eat the disinfectant as it tried to kill any bad bacteria. Hence, they cancel each other out and the cleaning issue that you are having will not be taken care of.

When handling disinfectants and enzymes it is very important to always be wearing all of the proper protection equipment. PPE is critical to use in commercial cleaning services Tulsa. The proper equipment would include, but not limited to gloves, face mask or face shield, a face mask which could be something as simple as a N 95 mask which blocks out most products from the face, nose and mouth.

In Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa, the use of an N 95 mask may not be a strong as some HEPA masks and should be considered for more difficult cleanings.