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Hello my name is Kevin Thomas, I am the President of Multi-Clean Cleaning Services. Multi-Clean was founded in 1993 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our current phone number is 918-523-8300. Our mailing address is 5874 South 129th East Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74134. Our website is www.multiclean1.com.

My goal in the blog is to promote commercial cleaning services Tulsa.

I would like to also introduce our current Multi-Clean management team. I am very proud of this team and our team does have quite a bit of experience. Our most senior manager is Nina Young. Nina has been with the company for 3 years. Nina has brought another level of competency to the Multi-Clean team. Nina has shown the entire team how processes work and how these processes can make our entire team more effective. From the sales team to Operations team even to our Project work team her processes are helping the company become more profitable.

Our head operations manager is Rick Castro. Rick has been in the Commerical cleaning services Tulsa for over 25 years. Rick got his start in the janitorial industry in New York. Rick has great experience in floor care and at one time was doing all of the vct tile floors for all of the JC Penney stores in the Midwest region. Rick is very good and responding to customers needs and having the knowledge to sort through any issue makes him a very valuable team member at Multi-Clean.

Our salesman is Darren Westbrooks. Darren has sold for several Commercial cleaning services Tulsa. Darren also has a band that tours casinos and other bars in the Tulsa metro area. His bands name is Imzadi. Darren is the bass player for his band as well as a back up singer. Darren understands his job well, and knows how to influence the customers on why they should be using Multi-Clean for their janitorial services. Darren is good to point out to the potential client any problems that they may be having with the current service. Darren then gets to work and builds a proposal for the potential customer. After getting the proposal together, he then meets with the operations team to ensure that all of his notes and pricing is not only fair to the customer but also gives our company fair margins to our bottom line.
Darren knows the importance of getting the quote right the first time. There are several companies out there that will low bid just to get the job and then raise their price after 2-3 months of service. It is very important when quoting commercial cleaning services Tulsa that the quotes be as accurate as possible.

Our newest addition to the managerial staff is Lyle O’Rorke. Lyle comes from a production back ground where he worked at a co packing plant making liquid drinks for other industries as well as private label ice cream. Lyle was also formerly in the military and brings a sense of discipline to our team. Lyle is always on time to our meetings and his Ops reports are always in good order and on time. Since Lyle is so new to Commercial cleaning services Tulsa, he is continually asking appropriate questions to our team for help. He is assisted by Rick Castro on a weekly basis to help with any need that he might have. Lyle also has a can do attitude, and helps out any time he can with other managers needs and supports them at all times.

Our other administrator in the office is Maricela Esquivel. Maricela has recently finished college with a degree in criminal justice and her goal is to eventually work in the police department at a local law enforcement agency. Currently Maricela is working on the staffing division of the company. She is tasked with hiring new employees for one of our many staffing locations. She now hires for several hotels and casinos. She brings people into her office daily and conducts interviews to get these positions filled. Maricela has commented that there are a lot of people that just don’t want to work in todays world. One of her challenges as an administrator is to find competent employees to work in commercial cleaning services Tulsa. They want the paycheck, but they do not want to work for that paycheck. Maricela is a very good administrator. She gets all of the details correct and when she needs assistance she gets with Nina Young for help. Maricela also works on the payroll for the staffing company and the janitorial company. She ensures that all of the time cards are correct and she makes sure that all of the employees get paid correctly. She then sends that information on the Nina Young who them puts the information into our online payroll system. Maricela is also responsible for our parking passes for our downtown locations. She works with the parking lots and reminds our workers to make sure they park in the correct parking lot. Maricela and Nina are a great team in the Multi-Clean office. They are both a blessing to have on our team. In regards to commercial cleaning services Tulsa, having a good and efficient team is important to the overall success of the company.

Our front line receptionist is Paula Hahn. Paula is related to the same family that owns Hahn appliance center located in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Paula is responsible for receiving new applicants into our system as well as running back ground checks on each and every applicant that comes into our office. Before the applicant can fill out an application, Paula gets 2 forms of ID and runs a basic background check to ensure that we are hiring the correct people. Most of our clients require that we have a good background check on our employees. It is important that Paula understands that in Commercial cleaning services Tulsa, that we provide our customers with top notch employees.
Once the potential employee has passed the preliminary background check then Paula will give them a full application to fill out in our lobby area. Once they fill out the application, then Paula reviews the application and alerts Maricela that we have a new potential employee to interview. Once Maricela completes the interview and she gives the go ahead to hire this new person, then Paula will give the new employee the after-hire paper work. The after-hire paper work includes information for direct deposit pay. Some of our employees do not have bank accounts so we must pay them via our pay card system. Paula also has them fill out a w-2 and I-9 form. These are 2 forms that are required by the federal government to have in the employee file after we hire them.

The employee then proceeds to the proper location and reports directly to the manager on site to begin their days work.

The Multi-Clean team is a very effective machine in regard to efficiency. I am very blessed to have the team that I have today.

Nina Young is the hub of our team and directs all of our office staff in regards to commercial cleaning services Tulsa, when the owner, Kevin Thomas in not available to discuss issues.

Commercial cleaning services Tulsa has been a goal of Kevin Thomas the the rest of the team. We always want to put our best foot forward with potential customers.