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Good afternoon, and welcome to the Multi-Clean daily podcast where you can learn a lot about your world and my world. You can learn much about the Janitorial Industry. My name is Kevin Thomas and I am the owner of Multi-Clean cleaning services. We are proud to be serving the entire state of Oklahoma with our eyes set on Texas, including Dallas Metro and the city of Houston. Multi-Clean is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our focus today will be on commercial cleaning service Tulsa.Our website is www.multiclean1.com and our office number is 918-523-8300. We are excited to be here today and look forward to working with you.

In todays podcast we will be continuing the discussions that we had in day 5 regarding our office team. We have covered most of the senior management team including the administrative team in yesterdays blog. Today we will be introducing at least two of our key players in our project work division of Multi-Clean.
Our project team mainly focuses on one time project work that is not on a regular schedule like the monthly janitorial service is. Those projects include stripping and waxing of tile floors including vct, ceramic and other hard surface flooring. This team also does disinfecting of tile floors in restrooms using a rotary tile wand device best for deep cleaning the grout. We will cover more of that in detail later in this podcast. The label of commercial cleaning services Tulsa is important so that the customer will know that you are a qualified carpet cleaning technician.

Our project team also performs truck mounted carpet cleaning at several locations throughout the Tulsa area. We clean mostly commercial buildings, but on occasion we will clean residential homes. But in commercial cleaning services Tulsa, we focus most of our time on commercial carpet cleaning.
Another project that our team does from time to time is pressure washing of concrete. This includes sidewalks, driveways and concrete barriers and décor. We mainly work on commercial sites as well.
Our window cleaning team, which is headed by Tim Sims also takes care of windows on the lower levels of buildings. Due to the unsafe nature of cleaning windows up high, we subcontract the high windows to a professional window cleaning service. They usually will lower themselves from special wires from the roof of these buildings. It is quite risky for their team.

I would like to introduce Danny Waite as one of our leaders in the project team. Dannys specialty lies in knowing how to efficiently strip and wax a tile floor. Danny knows that the process of stripping and waxing a floor is very tedious, but if these processes are followed properly then the floor will usually end up with a very shiny base and give a very shiny appearance to the customer. Danny understanding of floor waxing helps make our team stand out to our current customers and to all new customers. Danny is a very good team member, especially in regards to commercial cleaning services Tulsa. Danny understand the importance of being an effective carpet cleaning in the area of commercial cleaning services Tulsa.Danny also has great talent and knowledge of buffing and burnishing tile floors once they have been waxed. Its is very important that once a floor has been waxed with a minimum of 3 coats of wax that the floor be buffed from time to time. Some floors require the floor to be buffed one time per week and other floors only request to be buffed on a monthly or even quarterly basis. Waxing floors can be a tedious process in commercial cleaning services Tulsa.
The process that Danny uses when buffing is that he first dust mops the floor with a treated dust mop. This process picks up all debris from the floor as well as any fine dust in the corners and edges. After Danny has dust mopped the floor, he mops the entire floor with a floor revitalizer. The floor revitalizer contains a small amount of wax and floor cleaner. The wax is at a very low percentage which helps the floor shine better in commercial cleaning services Tulsa. These enhancers in the chemical respond with the buffer when applied to the floor. After the floor revitalizer dries on the floor. Danny then uses the floor buffer and runs it up and down the floor, the heat that is created from the buffing pad causes the floor to get very shiny. Usually the pad contains some kind of hair from an animal, usually from a hog. These hairs will break up any build up on the floor and even the floor out giving it an even deeper shine or gloss on the floor. Danny may use one of two buffing machines on the floor. He could use an electric buffer which usually runs between 1500 rpm and 2500 rpm. Currently Multi-Clean prefers to use the 1500 rpm machines because they usually perform as well as a 2500 rpm machine at about half of the cost. Also Danny can use a 3500 rpm machine. These machines are called propane or high impact battery burnishers. These burnishers are the shining stars of the floor care industry.They can create way more heat on the tile than the average electric buffer. Using the proper buffing machine in Commerical cleaning services Tulsa can make a job easier or harder depending on the technician.

The other significant machine that Danny can use on a floor is machine called an Automatic scrubber. The automatic scrubber is a very important machine to have for any successful Janitorial service. The automatic scrubber is a very unique machine.

The automatic scrubber is equipped with two tanks, one is a fresh water tank, and one is a dirty water tank. The automatic scrubber also has anywhere from 3-5 larger than car size batteries. When running properly the operator will push the machine forward, usually in an assist mode. In Commercial cleaning services Tulsa, automatic scrubbers have a key component in the success of Multi-Clean. The machine has two brushes in the front of the machine where the water and/or chemical is fed through the brushes and the machine scrubs the floor. In the back of the machine there is a very large and wide squeegee. The squeegee is connected to a strong vacuum which vacuums the dirty water in to a dirty water tank. This process can allow an operator to clean up to twenty thousand square feet of flooring per hour. This rate of cleaning is usually the most effective in a large warehouse setting.
In the area of commercial cleaning services Tulsa, auto scrubbing machines are important to success.

Maintenance of the automatic scrubber is also very important. It is important to empty the dirty water tank daily. Not emptying the tank can create strong offensive odors and cause inside parts of the machine absorb those odors. It is also very important to check the filters both wet and dry on the machine. Having proper airflow to allow a good level of suction is very important so check the suction tubes for large items such as paper clips and other debris which can clog the intake tubes. The water flow filters must also be checked as well. Without proper water flow the floors will not be cleaned properly. Usually the more water available to clean the floor means that you will have a cleaner floor. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa, having well maintained equipment is important.
Another area of maintenance on the automatic scrubbers is checking the water in the batteries on the machine. The batteries must only be filled with distilled water. If the water in the batteries goes dry, then the batteries will not hold a charge leaving the machine ineffective in cleaning.

The focus of this blog on most days will usually be commercial cleaning services Tulsa.

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