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Good afternoon, this is the official podcast of Multi-Clean cleaning services located in Tulsa Oklahoma. Our address is 5874 South 129th East Avenue. Our website is www.multiclean1.com. Our office phone is 918 523 8300.
Multi-Cleans main objective is to clean commercial office buildings. We prefer to be in the heading of Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa in the google listings.
In todays podcast we will be discussing all of the different services that Multi-Clean offers.
The main service that our company offers is that of basic janitorial services. Janitorial services include but are not limited to emptying trash, cleaning desks, wiping down walls, cleaning porcelain, sinks, stainless steel, and mirrors in restrooms. Also in the restrooms we continuously monitor the air freshener systems as well as monitor the paper supplies. One thing that we have learned over the 26 years that we have been in business is that you never leave the paper towels or the toilet tissue low on these items. No manager ever wants to get the phone call from a customer that says we forgot to fill the paper towels or the toilet tissue in their building.
The other areas of importance to the customer are dusting and also cleaning the entrance glass doors. Most customers that have visitors are especially concerned about how their main entrance or lobby appears when they arrive each morning. When cleaning the entrance glass doors, its important to make sure that the door is cleaned from top to bottom to ensure that all fingerprints and all outside dirt is removed to make sure the overall first impression is good. First impressions are important in commercial cleaning services Tulsa. Another area is dusting, dust can accumulate daily in most buildings. In many buildings the dusting does not need to be done daily. The dusting is also very important in the high parts of the building, especially in the vent areas which collect dust throughout the hvac system. One area that gets dusty are computers and towers of computers.

The general smell of the building is also very important, in our company we use professional chemicals that are made by the Spartan company. We use clean on the go glass cleaner, clean on the go non acid bowl cleaner, clean on the go acid bath and wash. Having a consistent source of chemicals is important for commercial cleaning services Tulsa.
The non acid bowl cleaner is especially effective on all non porous surfaces, especially in the restrooms. The non acid bowl cleaner has special disinfectants in the chemical that kills 99 per cent of all bacteria. There is also a special disinfectant that has been proven to kill the HIV virus on hard surfaces. The non acid bowl cleaner also has a very strong fragrance which give the smell of clean. The glass cleaner is also a very effective cleaner. The glass cleaner can be used not only on glass and mirror surfaces but can also be used on porcelain and stainless steel surfaces as well. The acid bath and wash cleaner is mostly effective inside of the toilets as well as on water fountains. The acid in the acid bath and wash chemical is Phosphoric acid. This phosphoric acid breaks down the hard water inside the toilets and also on top of the water fountains which can build up daily. The procedure for cleaning the tops of stainless steel water fountains is to apply the acid bath and wash chemical to the top and allow it to have dwell time for up to three to five minutes. After the chemical sits, then it is very important to make sure and rinse the acid bath and wash chemical off of the stainless steel. Failure to do this will result in possible chemical burn on the stainless steel water fountain. At times it may be necessary to repeat this step more than one time if the build up on the water fountain is heavy. The use of acid chemicals in a safe way is critical for commercial cleaning services Tulsa companies.

Another strong chemical that we use is called pro bowl. The pro bowl chemical is a 23 per cent hydrochloric acid. This pro bowl chemical is very strong and glove use is highly recommended when using it on the inside only of toilets. The pro bowl is highly effective in removing the hard water out of the inside of the toilets. The basic application is to put the pro bowl inside of the toilet, then use a bowl mop to swish around the chemical so that it can reach all areas inside the bowl. Then allow the chemical to sit for up to 5 minutes. Once the chemical has set for up to 5 minutes it is very important to flush the toilet at least twice to make sure that all of the residue from the pro bowl chemical has been removed. The pro bowl chemical has also been proven effective to restore very old and worn out chrome. This process should only be done by a trained commercial cleaning services Tulsa professional. When the pro bowl is applied to the worn out chrome, it must be immediately rinsed with a bowl mop that is very wet or a very wet sponge in order to remove the hard water. I have seen many occasions when this process has saved hard water damage on chrome in restrooms.

Another area of cleaning that our company uses to make sure that our customers are pleased is vacuuming. Vacuuming is one area that can get the most complaints in commercial cleaning services Tulsa. Most of our clients have a sanitaire vacuum located in their building. The sanitaire vacuum has been for the past 40 years one of the most dependable vacuums made. The sanitaire vacuum is made the Eureka company. One main reason that the sanitaire vacuum is so popular with cleaning companies is that this vacuum is made very solidly. Most of the parts are a very sturdy plastic, and then for support there is a lot of steel that strengthens the entire frame of the vacuum. Some people think that the sanitaire is a very heavy vacuum, however I would think differently. The sanitaire vacuum is made in such a way that it rolls easily have a set of 4 wheels. Another advantage to the sanitaire vacuum is that is has a 50 foot power cord. This allows the operator to reach throughout the office without having to plug in several times wasting time in being efficient in cleaning of the building.
The fans system in the sanitaire vacuum is also made of durable lexan plastic. The lexan plastic is the same plastic that football helmets are made of in the NFL football league.

This concludes todays podcast on the process for cleaning a customers building. Remember to contact Multi-Clean for all of your commercial cleaning services Tulsa needs or on our website or give us a call at our office so that you too may be able to have a clean and bright office.

Thank you for listening to todays blog / podcast where we discussed commercial cleaning services Tulsa.

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