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Welcome to the Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa daily entry and blog. This blog is written by Kevin Howard Thomas, Kevin is the owner and founder of Multi-Clean Cleaning services which he himself founded in 1993. The company has over 26 years of ownership in cleaning buildings. Our expertise is in commercial cleaning services Tulsa.

Multi-Clean is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is located at 58th and 129th Street in Tulsa. Geographically speaking that is nearest the intersection of 61st and Garnett.
Today we will be discussing the very important topic of cleaning restrooms the right way in regards to commercial cleaning services Tulsa.

One of the most important things in cleaning restrooms and making sure that the customer is happy with the cleaning that is performed by the cleaning technician is one of appearance and smell. One of the main rules in commercial cleaning services Tulsa on cleaning restrooms is to make sure that the chemical that you use have a pleasant smell. It is also very important that you always check the air freshener in the restroom. When the air freshener is not working correctly, then the restroom could possible have a very bad smell, even after the restroom is cleaned. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa, having an air freshener that is commercial grade is very important. We prefer to use the time mist brand of air fresheners or also the sustained fragrance style of air fresheners. Now that we have tackled the air freshener issue in commercial cleaning services Tulsa. The real issue is that the restroom is cleaned in the proper way. Its best when cleaning a restroom to start at the top and work down towards the lower part of the restroom near the floor. When starting at the top in Commercial cleaning services Tulsa, its important to focus on the air vents. The air vents in the restrooms can get very dusty, so its important to use a long handle lambs wool duster to remove the dust from the vent. Its important to start up high so the dust will fall to the floor so that it can be swept up prior to mopping. After dusting the vent in commercial cleaning services Tulsa, you will need to wipe the tops of the partition dividers that divide the toilets and the urinals in mens restrooms. Once the partition dividers are finished, then you will clean the partition walls. The urinal walls are very important to clean due to the fact that in commercial cleaning services Tulsa that water and urine, as gross as it may sound sometimes splash up on the dividers between the urinals. Even on partition walls between toilets can get a splash occasionally if the toilet has stronger flush. The water will splash on the divider between the walls and therefore will need to be cleaned and disinfected well each day.

In commercial cleaning services Tulsa, its also important to clean the bottom of the partitions and underneath the partition due to possible drippage of chemical or water that has been splashed on the divider walls.

After cleaning the partition walls its important to start with the sinks areas. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa, its good to start with the mirrors first. You want to spray the mirrors first and then allow the chemical to sit, and then wipe clean with a paper towel or a microfiber cloth. After that it is important to review your work and check for lint on the mirror. Be careful to clean all of the edges carefully.

In commercial cleaning services Tulsa, you move to the sink and chrome areas next. It is best to spray the disinfectant spray on the porcelain sink and the chrome at the same time. It is important to allow dwell time on the chrome and porcelain. During the dwell time the disinfectant is allow to sit and kill any bacteria or germs that have been left on both surfaces. Once the dwell time in commercial cleaning services Tulsa has occurred, you will need to wipe the chrome and the porcelain with a paper towel or microfiber cloth.

When cleaning with a microfiber cloth in commercial cleaning services Tulsa, it is very important to color code the microfiber towels. Multi-Clean recommends using a blue towel for the mirrors and using a green microfiber cloth for the porcelain and chrome. The reason you want to have different colors is because in commercial cleaning services Tulsa, the chrome and porcelain cleaner can badly streak the mirror due to the fact that the porcelain and chrome cleaner were not designed to clean glass. Its important to fold the microfiber towel that is used for the chrome and porcelain so there is not cross contamination between surfaces. Make sure that in commercial cleaning services Tulsa that you clean well around the chrome edges. Water build up from water sitting or hard water can create hard water deposits that are unsightly and make the restroom appear as if it has not be cleaned properly. I personally recommend using what I call in commercial cleaning services Tulsa a brass tooth brush. Its best to spray a light acid cleaner on the surface and allow it to sit for just a few minutes. Be careful to not let it sit too long because the light acid could possibly give the chrome a burned appearance. Then take the brass toothbrush around the edges of the chrome, its important in commercial cleaning services Tulsa to remove all of the hard water deposits. Hard water can also build up around the edges of porcelain sinks. It is important in in commercial cleaning services Tulsa to remove the hard water especially if the water sits overnight. The appearance of the sink and mirrors is of utmost importance when a supervisor or customer inspects the restroom. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa making sure that you make good impressions on the customer and any guest that might visit the customers restroom is vital, especially to your relationship with that customer.

So in summary of commercial cleaning services Tulsa, making sure you clean a restroom properly is important for appearance and for the general health and well-being of all persons that visit and use the restroom.