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In todays blog post we will be discussing Commercial cleaning Tulsa along with other areas of cleaning. Let me introduce my self. My name is Kevin Thomas and I am the owner of Multi-Clean and we are located in the heart of Green Country in Oklahoma. Our offices are in South Tulsa at 4857 South 129th East Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74134. We would love for you to give us a call to Discuss Commercial cleaning Tulsa at our office phone number at 918-523-8300.

Today we will introduce our final employee and his qualifications. His name is David Young. David is crucial in the development of our carpet and water damage restoration business. Although we are not the biggest in the Tulsa area. We really emphasize Commercial cleaning Tulsa.

David is responsible for being the leader of our carpet cleaning team. His assistant is Danny Waite. David and Danny are an awesome team when it comes to carpet cleaning Tulsa. The process that this team goes through is extremely thorough when they are approaching each and every cleaning job and all of the tasks that are associated with that. Before Danny and David are setting up the carpet van they must make sure that they have all of the chemicals, make sure there is enough water in the fresh water tank. The chemical used in the carpet van are very specialized. When using these chemicals for the purpose of Commercial Cleaning Tulsa, its important to make sure the application is for the right spot. For example, We carry several chemicals in the van that can address water based spot, such as a high alkaline pre spray, a high alkaline degreaser, as well as an acid rinse. The high alkaline cleaners are very effective as a prespray for most water based spots. These spots would include general dirt, spills that have been caused by liquids such as soft drink spills, coffee spills, food spills etc. Food spills can include items like pizza, ketchup and greasy food spills such as French fries. These high alkaline cleaners need to be pre sprayed on to the carpet and allowed to sit and dwell.

Dwell time when cleaning carpets for commercial cleaning Tulsa businesses is very important. This dwell time allows the chemical to do its job to loosen any dirt, debris or other chemical residue to be removed by the hot water extraction method from the carpet cleaning unit.

The Hot water extraction method which is also known in Commercial cleaning Tulsa circles is also known as steam cleaning. In the process the water coming out of the carpet cleaning wand is not actually steam but very hot water. The water temperature at the machine does get very close to boiling. Many times as high as two hundred and ten degrees. As the hot water travels through the pressure hose the temperature of the water decreases to approximately 180-200 degrees. When the water come out of the wand and being under pressure it does give the appearance of steam. This water is filtered which keeps any natural residue to be kept from staying in the carpet. Because in Commercial cleaning Tulsa carpets the high ph level of the chemical, it is very important to put an inline acid rinse to bring the ph of the carpets back to neutral. When the carpets reach a neutral ph then the stains in the carpet are more easily removed and vacuumed into the dirty water tank back in the van. The suction strength of the truck mounted carpet cleaning system is very strong. We are able to run up to 250 feet of hose both vacuum and pressure hose and still be able to maintain an adequate amount of pressure and vacuum all the way back to the van.

In commercial cleaning Tulsa ,carpet cleaning, this can be a very important factor because at times it is necessary for the van to be parked at great distances from the cleaning area. We have had to park the van far away, especially in churches that might have multiple floors and multiple ministry areas that are spread out by long hallways and much distance.

When Danny and David are determining the best entry point for cleaning commercial carpets, they must assess all of the above factors to make sure the job is profitable, and the van does not have to have several set ups which can draw out the cleaning time and thus waste time and make the job less efficient.

Because the main point of this blog is to promote commercial cleaning services Tulsa, it is important also to note that commercial carpets must be cleaned on a regular basis. It is highly recommended that commercial carpets be cleaned at least on time every six months. Higher traffic areas require a much more intense carpet cleaning schedule. When the professional for commercial cleaning services Tulsa makes recommendations to the customer, sometimes the carpets must be cleaned as quickly as one time per month. The one time per month carpet cleanings are usually the high traffic areas in the building. We had a customer a few years ago called Kenworth trucking. In fact, this was Multi-Clean’s very first monthly commercial cleaning services Tulsa carpet cleaning job. At that time we used a portable carpet cleaning machine. This machine had low pressure of 100 PSI, but more importantly the portable carpet cleaning machine had heated water. Although the pressure in relation to truck mounted carpet cleaning can get as high as 800 to 100 PSI, The 100 PSI in combination with the heated water greatly increases the effectiveness of the cleaning procedure.

In the area of commercial cleaning services Tulsa having a truck mounted carpet cleaning system is the preferred system for cleaning carpets. However having a very good portable machine with lower PSI and heated water can also be an effective tool for the beginning carpet cleaning service.

Also the carpet cleaning wands are different as well, the portable cleaning machine wands are usually a two jet wand, this allows more pressure to come out of each pressure jet.

The truck mounted carpet wand in Commercial cleaning services Tulsa, needs to have at least four jets. The reason for this is that there is considerably more pressure coming out of the jets, and the pressure must be equalized between the four jets thereby spreading the pressure evenly over the carpet surfaces.
In conclusion, it is important that in commercial cleaning services Tulsa that you use the proper chemicals and the proper equipment in order to clean the carpets correctly.

Commercial cleaning services Tulsa is a fantastic way to keep the customers happy with very clean carpet.