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Good afternoon, My name is Kevin Thomas and I am the owner of Multi-Clean Cleaning services. Our focus is now on commercial cleaning services Tulsa,our corporate offices are located in Tulsa Oklahoma. Our website is www.multiclean1.com Our office phone number is 918-523-8300.

Todays blog / podcast will discuss how commercial cleaning services Tulsa can grow itself within its own customer base. In other words you do not have to go and chase new business because there is opportunities within the customers that you already serve.

Most of our customers see a janitorial cleaning service, or commercial cleaning service Tulsa as just that. They only see our cleaning staff able to empty trash, clean the restrooms, vacuum the carpet, dust the furniture etc. They only see us offering just one service. The best sales team can take advantage of this opportunity by offering up services that can make your company a value added company. Instead of calling a carpet cleaning company and a floor waxing company, and then have yet another company clean the windows, you service company can be a one stop shopping vendor for all of your customers. Also this gives value to your company and keeps the competition out of your customers doors. It is also very important to know that if you are offering up these extra services that you know what you are doing with these services. Do not offer up carpet cleaning, if you have no idea about carpet cleaning or don’t know the difference between a solvent and a water based spotter. Your knowledge of your industry is the key to having more business within your business. SO one key to success in commercial cleaning services Tulsa is knowing your chemicals. Also, since you will be performing these tasks, you will already have the keys for this building in your possession and they will not need to hire another company to give them a set of keys. Your customer already trusts you with the keys to their facility, so for them it gives them peace of mind regarding trust. Another big advantage of doing these services for your current customer is that more than likely your customer will not bid bidding our these jobs to get the lowest price. This will allow your company to give a fair price to your customer. This will allow you to have fair margins and make more profit for the company.

Commercial cleaning Services Tulsa that can be provided by your company include:

Carpet cleaning, you can use one of many methods when cleaning the carpets. You can use a truck mounted unit, which if you own one already is fantastic. Purchasing a truck mount can be somewhat expensive of a venture for a newer company. You can also use a portable extractor to clean the carpets. Although a portable extractor does not offer the same type of pressure and available heat and temperature to clean, it is still a good piece of equipment to have in your warehouse when selling accounts.
Another good piece of equipment for carpet cleaning is to have is a rotary floor machine. In commercial cleaning services Tulsa have a good selection of equipment is helpful. A rotary floor machine can be used to bonnet clean the carpets. A bonnet is a soft cloth based pad that spins on the carpet to remove the spots. Bonnet cleaning is best on high traffic areas in commercial buildings.

Strip and wax is another service that commercial cleaning services Tulsa can provide as an extra service to your customers.
Many commercial buildings have VCT tile in their hallways and office and sometimes even in the warehouse. The shininess of the floors reflects how clean the location is. A dull floor whether it is caused by the cleaning service or is just a floor in poor condition can be a direct reflection upon the current janitorial service. Offering the service on a regular basis not only brings in more revenue, but can keep the building looking nice, clean and professional. Also floors that have at least 3 coats of wax are actually safer to workers, and guests due to the fact that many waxes today are slip resistant and are very popular with most safety directors, especially in large facilities.

Floor Buffing, also known as burnishing is also a great service for a commercial cleaning services Tulsa company to offer to your current customers. The customer must have VCT tile or a tile that is similar to vct for the buffing to work. Ceramic tile or any type of tile that will not accept standard floor finish is not a good candidate for floor buffing. It is best to offer this service to your customer on a regular basis and not only when the wax begins to get dull or faded. Why buffing works is that after the mop on floor restorer is applied to the floor with a mop and mop bucket, the high speed buffing machine then buffs the floor and extremely high speeds. The best speeds to effectively buff the floors is at least a speed of 1500 rpms. There are also propane machines that can buff at speeds of up to 3500 rpm, these machines bring a deeper gloss to the floor. Also the propane machine is powered by propane and not an alternating current or electricity. Therefore no electrical cords are needed to operate the machine. This makes it safer for the worker and all tenants, guests and employees of the facility. It is important to make sure you monitor the propane tanks at all times. Be careful to turn the propane off and on after each use.

Another service that you can provide is window cleaning. Almost all buildings have windows and in Commercial cleaning services Tulsa, it is important to take advantage of this opportunity. Window cleaning is not a difficult job, but make sure you have the proper tools. Just a bottle of glass cleaner and paper towels or microfiber towels will not get the job done right.

The best tools are a golden glove window washer and a professional squeegee. One that is preferably made my Ettore or Unger. These two are the most reliable window cleaning providers in the country. It is important when cleaning the windows that you make sure you get all of the streak left by the rubber squeegee and that you wipe down the window sills and remove all of the water that you have squeegeed off the windows.

Another option for all of the services above is to subcontract them out to another reliable 3rd party. 3rd parties can be a reliable source for commercial cleaning services Tulsa companies. If you do not have the skills to perform all of the duties, Then having another qualified professional to clean these areas is acceptable. One thing you will have to realize is that your profit margins will not be as big if you sub contract the work to another provider.

Either way I wish you the best as you continue to grow your commercial cleaning services Tulsa business.