Preparing for a Fogging Treatment

What is Electrostatic Cold Fogging?

Electrostatic Cold Fogging cleaning method atomizes the cleaning solutions to produce and electrically charged positive spray that can wrap around surfaces of all types for an even coat. As the chemical exits the Electrostatic Sprayer, it gives a positive charge that is attracted to negative surfaces. Negative surfaces are desktops, counters, tables, chairs etc.  Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Services recommends the electrostatic cold fogging for coronavirus cleaning.


How can I prepare my Home or Office for Cold Fogging?

  1. Remove any valuable paperwork that you do not want to get wet
  2. Cover plants as needed with trash bags
  3. All surfaces will get wet, and that is ok. We are attacking viruses.
  4. For Coronavirus cleaning, be sure to remove pets and other animals out of the structure.


Are Multi-Clean Disinfection and Sanitization Treatments effective against coronaviruses?

The Solution used for coronavirus cleaning during the Disinfection and Sanitization Treatments is proven to dramatically reduce the number of harmful bacteria and emerging viruses like coronaviruses, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Influenza A, and the 2009 Pandemic H2N1 Virus.

For coronavirus cleaning, Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning services uses a product made by the Spartan chemical company. The Product is called hdqC2. Hdqc2 is a neutral ph, quaternary disinfectant, other wise known as a “Quat”. This cleaner for coronavirus cleaning is formulated to kill a broad spectrum of microorganisms on most hard-nonporous surfaces as well as high gloss floors. This includes floors that have been scrubbed and treated with floor finish. hdqC2 disinfects without damaging or even dulling floor finish. It can be used repeated times in coronavirus cleaning methods. This product also deodorizes hard to keep smelling areas such as dumpsters and garbage cans. 


Safety Treatment for hdqC2

 When using for coronavirus cleaning, if the chemical gets in contact with your eyes, you must rinse your eyes cautiously for several minutes. Immediately remove contact lenses, if easy to do. If eye irritation persists, the get medical attention.  If with performing coronavirus cleaning with hdqC2, Multi-Clean commercial cleaning services highly recommending washing you skin with soap and water. If during coronavirus cleaning you ingest the chemical, rinse your mouth out. Do not induce vomiting. Get medical attention immediately if you do not feel well.

If you inhale the chemical during coronavirus cleaning, remove the victim to a fresh air environment and allow the person to rest in a position that is suitable for breathing.

The ingredients in our disinfection chemical are as follows: Water, Dicapryl/Dimonium Chloride, Demethylbenzyl Ammonium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Limonene, Fragrance, Gamma-Terpinene, and FD&C Red No. 40. This may not be an exhaustive list of the ingredients for the chemical called hdqC that Multi-Clean Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services uses for Electrostatic Cold Fogging. Some chemicals use active and inactive ingredients in their labels. For any questions that you might have regarding the chemical make up of this product, we recommend that you check out the Spartan Chemical website at



In Summary, Multi-Clean commercial janitorial cleaning services always recommends that you use caution when handling any type of cleaning chemical. When using a chemical for coronavirus cleaning


Recommended PPE for hdqC2

Recommended PPE for coronavirus cleaning is the following:

  1. For eye and face protection, you should use splash goggles.
  2. For skin and body protection, you should wear rubber or chemical-resistant gloves.
  3. For Respiratory Protection it is not required to wear unless your occupational exposure limits are exceeded for coronavirus cleaning.
  4. For general hygiene considerations you should wash your hands and any exposed skin thoroughly after handling.



How Long do I need to stay out of my Home or Office?

Multi-Clean recommends and asks that all customers receiving the Disinfection and Sanitizing Treatments for their homes remain outside of the home for 4 hours, or until the treatment has thoroughly dried after treatment is complete.

Because of the nature of the application methods, Multi-Clean Disinfection and Sanitization treatments are not intended for use on non-porous surfaces. Treatments on items such as clothing, carpets, pillows or other miscellaneous fabric materials can be applied, however, they are not as effective in reducing the number of bacteria and other viruses on hard surfaces. Multi-Clean Sanitizing and disinfecting treatments are not intended for Soil Treatment, for Animals, or People.

During this time of crisis, Multi-Clean Commercial Janitorial Services recommends that most people shelter in place. During the coronavirus cleaning methods that we perform, our employees are trained on wearing proper PPE as well as safety concerns with all of the chemicals that we use.



In Summary, Multi-Clean commercial janitorial cleaning services always recommends that you use caution when handling any type of cleaning chemical. When using a chemical for coronavirus cleaning it is always good to use the proper PPE. When preparing your home or office for a coronavirus cleaning electrostatic fogging treatment, it is recommended that you cover your plants, put away in very important paperwork, and keep a distance from the workers who are performing the work.

We also recommend that individuals for homes and for teams that work in offices that when their locations have been electrostatically fogged that the people stay out of the house or office for at least four hours.  It is not safe to spray animals, it is also not safe to spray people with the chemical, as it could give many health issues to these people. Individuals could have skin issues if the chemicals touch their skin. If they breathe the chemical in, it could create possibly respiratory problems with the person that is the victim of the electrostatic cold fogging.


If there are ever any questions about the chemicals that are used for coronavirus cleaning, Multi-Clean Commercial office cleaning can be called at 918-523-8300. We also recommend that you reach out to the manufacturer of any chemical that you might use. OSHA, the CDC, as well as the environmental protection agency or EPA are other good governmental resources to contact with any questions.