Coronavirus Cleaning – The Proper Way

The center for Disease Control and Prevention continues to give notice about the worldwide outbreak of covid-19 and coronavirus cleaning. The outbreak of this terrible respiratory disease that was first seen in China. The exact place in China, is a little town called Wuhan. The disease and virus has spread not only to almost every country in the world, but has given a big hit to the United States, including the American economy. Even though this virus is called coronavirus and the cleaning procedure for this is called coronavirus cleaning, it is also referred to as Covid-19 to many medical people and clinics including hospitals throughout the world.

The Covid-19 also known as coronavirus has been declared a pandemic around the entire world.

Many cleaning services including Multi-Clean Tulsa, and Multi-Clean OKC are prepared for any coronavirus cleaning that businesses may need.

Multi-Clean professionals have been and are uniquely prepared to clean for coronavirus cleaning during this unprecedented time to disinfect and protect business throughout the state of Oklahoma. We understand and have years of experience in cleaning biological contaminants in office buildings, medical centers, schools and other areas where these biological contaminants are in need of a coronavirus cleaning.

Clean up procedures usually start with cleaning of non-porous and porous surfaces within the commercial office building. It is also important to clean and disinfect any equipment and high touch areas that could be affected by viruses such as the newly formed coronavirus.

According to the CDC website the cleaning of high touch areas for coronavirus cleaning such as tabletops, counters both in public and private areas, door knobs, push plates, light switches, bathroom fixtures including paper towel and toilet paper dispensers. Also technology may need a good coronavirus cleaning as well. These technology areas include smart phones, tablets, both apple and android. It’s also important to clean keyboards, and monitors where they can also be high touch. Cleaning of technology when apply coronavirus cleaning techniques, the cleaner must be very careful not to damage any of the high priced technology surfaces.

Other areas that are important to the CDC are listed below:

  • Offices, including file cabinets and high touch areas on desks and other furniture
  • Kitchen, food areas, and breakrooms including lunch rooms in offices
  • Restrooms, especially high touch areas around fixtures and knobs and handles
  • Schools and Classrooms, especially where children touch their desks
  • Retail Spaces where retail customers can touch many spaces and areas and share those germs with other customers.
  • Fitness equipment is one of the most highly touched items. Several people use these machines daily, and coronavirus cleaning must get all of these high touch areas. It may be necessary to clean these pieces of fitness equipment several times a day since the equipment is used by many people during the day.
  • Stair handrails can be one of the most highly touched areas in a commercial office building. It is important to use proper coronavirus cleaning techniques in this situation. You must remember to clean the up part of the stairs and cleaning the down part of the stairs. Since the stairs are used all during the business day, it would be a good idea to have a good coronavirus cleaning several times in one day.
  • Water fountains can be a place where all types of germs can grow and fester throughout a business day. Not only do the push points with the hands need a good coronavirus cleaning during the day, but also do to backsplash from the mouth where germs leave can also get germs near the spout where the water comes out. Multi-Clean would recommend spraying where the water comes out with a very good disinfectant to clean any germs that may already be present on the top of the water fountain.
  • Carpets and Rugs are widely known to store dust, dirt and debris and need frequent cleaning for dirt and viruses. Carpet fibers will act as a filter in a residential and a commercial setting. For coronavirus cleaning Multi-Clean recommends having the carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Multi-Clean commercial cleaning in Tulsa and Oklahoma City uses a truck mount carpet cleaning unit. The carpets are pre-sprayed with a cleaner and disinfectant. Then the carpets and cleaned with over 200 degree water. The 200 degree water also acts as a disinfecting act. The water is then extracted out into the van and the carpet is cleaned. In coronavirus cleaning we highly recommend putting a good disinfect left on the carpet. One of the best leave on carpet disinfectants is called Microban.
  • Outdoor and indoor playground equipment is especially necessary to get a good coronavirus cleaning. Children play on the equipment all day long. Children can pass on any germ quite easily because they are touching the equipment with their hands, mouth, legs and their heads. These are the most vulnerable areas for passing on a virus and therefore it is wise to get a coronavirus cleaning for these areas.


Using Specialized Products

Because cleaning for a coronavirus cleaning is so essential to battle this horrible virus, it is important that we use the proper products to clean. The CDC especially recommends a product that is labeled hospital grade disinfectant with claims that are very similar to those of the coronavirus. Coronavirus cleaning needs to be performed with the proper cleaning supplies. Currently Multi-Clean uses products that are manufactured by Spartan Chemical. If you would like to learn more about Spartan Chemical you can check them out on their website at

The particular product that Multi-Clean commercial cleaning services uses for coronavirus cleaning is a product called hdqC2. This product is of course, manufactured by Spartan Chemical. The hdqC2 has been proven to be successful in cleaning viruses such as influenza A and the 2009 Pandemic for H1N1 back in the year of 2009. Our cleaning crews seem to enjoy using the product. We also use this product when we perform cold fogging in commercial buildings.