Cleaning for Coronavirus

Cleaning for Corona Virus and Covid-19

It’s easy to think that all cleaning is the same. You spray down you cleaner and just do a simple wipe. Coronavirus cleaning brings on many more challenges for the average cleaning person.

When we clean a typical surface with a glass cleaning or general purpose cleaning solution, we generally just simply spray and wipe. Most of today’s general cleaners include glass cleaners all the way up to heavy duty degreaser cleaners. The coronavirus is commercial cleaning Tulsa, it is very important to clean with the proper disinfecting chemical.

A glass cleaner does not have the proper “kill” properties to kill the bacteria that is created by the coronavirus and even the influenza A virus. Also on the same fact is that a degreaser does not have the correct chemical in it to kill a destroy a virus like the coronavirus or influenza A.

Although the CDC has not yet determined what the proper kill claims are for the Coronavirus cleaning, we can take lessons from previous chemicals to learn the proper way to clean and disinfect. Coronavirus cleaning is tricky, you must be sure that you clean everything properly.


Cleaning with the Proper Tools

When performing coronavirus cleaning, it is important that any cleaner always has the proper and correct tools. Those tools include the proper PPE, PPE stands for personal protection equipment. Personal protection equipment includes the proper gloves, a proper mask, and the n95 mask is the best if you have access to this type of mask. Also you could use a face shield which would keep the chemical from spraying on your face.


Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

It is critical to know that cleaning a surface and disinfecting a surface are two different things altogether. When you are cleaning a surface, you are removing dirt, debris, food and any other items that could be on the surface.The difference is that disinfecting actually kills the germs that cleaning does not take care of. Personal cleaning products and most general household cleaning products that have an active ingredient that is antibacterial or antimicrobial in nature. These agents provide extra protection against Coronavirus cleaning type of germs. Together with forming good cleaning habits using these types or cleaning products that include antimicrobial cleaners will help with coronavirus cleaning.


Common Facts about Germs

  1. Germs are usually spread when you touch a germ and then touch your face or another person’s face and then the germ is transferred to the other person.
  2. Germs can enter the body through a number of places. This places include the mouth, also the nose. The eyes are also susceptible to receiving germs. Especially if you ever scratch you nose or itch your mouth or eyes. Another area that is important in coronavirus cleaning is to make sure that your skin is always clean. So washing your face regularly with hot water will help stop the virus and thus keep you healthier for a longer period of time.
  3. Have bad personal hygiene by handling food improperly can cause viruses to not only get in your system by you can pass a virus onto other people who may be eating the food that you are serving.
  4. It is estimated that the people of the United State of America spend close to 5 billion dollars per year treating colds. Also regarding coronavirus cleaning, Americans can spend up to 3 billion dollars per year on doctor’s visits and visiting physician’s assistants as well as licensed practicing nurses and registered nurses. Americans can also spend billions on special treatments as well as going to the pharmacy to spend money on medicine to treat various types of viruses in Coronavirus cleaning.
  5. Another reason that coronavirus cleaning is important is that germs can stay on inanimate surfaces for quite a length of time. Whether the surface is a table top, a countertop, a soda machine, a restroom wall, a restroom mirror the germ can live there unless the coronavirus cleaning is removing and cleaning those surfaces. High touch areas such as light switches, door knobs, door handles, push plates, paper towel dispensers, toilet paper dispensers and other coronavirus cleaning high touch areas.


Benefits of Coronavirus Cleaning

The benefits of coronavirus cleaning throughout your house and also throughout your place of business are numerous. I have listed below the benefits of coronavirus cleaning.

  1. One of the benefits of coronavirus cleaning is to keep you and your entire family, including your children safe from all of the germs and viruses that are on surfaces in your home. One of the benefits of having a coronavirus cleaning in your business is that you are protecting all of the employees that work in your facility. Actually a coronavirus cleaning in your place of work can keep a virus from transferring from your place of work to your home. So having the office cleaned for the coronavirus can keep your family safe.
  2. Having a good coronavirus cleaning by a qualified company such as Multi-Clean is a good idea to keep your employees safe. Multi-Clean located in Tulsa, Oklahoma also has an office in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. We offer Commercial Cleaning Tulsa and Commercial Cleaning OKC. Currently our manager in Oklahoma City is Tammy Varga. She leads our coronavirus cleaning teams at various commercial offices throughout the Oklahoma City area.


So I am sure that many of you may have some questions about cleaning and disinfecting household surfaces. It is important to know that you must use a disinfectant cleaner in coronavirus cleaning. Just using a regular glass cleaner or an all purpose cleaner will not be good enough to truly kill any of the viruses that might be in your home.

The proper cleaners must have antimicrobial properties. Common antimicrobial ingredients used in coronavirus cleaning might be a quaternary ammonia style of chemical. Also sodium hypochlorite, otherwise known bleach is also a good disinfectant for house hold surfaces. Other common ingredients may include ethanol as well as phenol. Phenol is seen in many aerosol type cleaners when performing a coronavirus cleaning.