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Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Services understands that Restroom Cleaning Tulsa is a very important part of the services that we offer. Restroom sanitation is very important to the overall health of the client’s building whether the building is a school, university, church, community center or office building.

Having the right chemicals to clean the restroom is one of the top reasons why restrooms do not get as clean as they should. Most Restroom Cleaning Tulsa services use chemicals purchased from a store such as Wal-Mart or Target and there is no real understanding on how to use the chemicals or any type of video or hands on training on how to use the chemicals and their proper usage.

Below Multi-Clean Janitorial Service will describe and teach how to use the proper chemicals and to make sure that the team is properly trained to clean and disinfect restrooms in the proper manner.



Over 20 years ago the Multi-Clean leadership team needed to get one chemical line that offered everything from Glass cleaner to toilet bowl disinfectant and a mild acid that would work on hard water and difficult areas inside of toilets. Also, Multi-Clean was looking for a chemicals company that would not only offer basic cleaning chemicals as part of an everyday use, but a chemical company that also has specialty chemicals like Covid-19 disinfecting chemicals, Floor waxes, floor strippers. The Restroom Cleaning Tulsa team also sought out specialty degreasers and specialty enzyme cleaners that work especially in the restroom arena. Below we will discuss the many chemicals that Multi-Clean uses to get your restrooms clean, shiny, healthy, and disinfected every time we clean your restroom.


Spartan Chemical Company

The Spartan Chemical company started back in the 1950’s with very humble beginnings. There were just a few workers, and most were family. Today the Spartan Chemical Company. In the 1990’s The Spartan Chemical company was developing cutting edge technology, especially in super concentrated chemicals. This chemical line that Multi-Clean commercial cleaning now uses is called the Clean-on-the-go system. Multi-Clean uses three chemicals from the clean-on-the-go system. The first is the Clean on the go glass and surface cleaner. The second chemical is the NABC or nonacid bowl cleaner for cleaning and disinfecting the restrooms. The third chemical is the Acid shower and bath cleaner that contains a mild acid for cleaning the difficult places where hard water is a problem. For this informational page we will primarily be discussing restroom cleaning. However, Multi-Clean also uses the following products exclusively made by Spartan Chemical Company. The Restroom Cleaning Tulsa team also uses Halt, which is an excellent disinfectant on surfaces. Multi-Clean has used this product to battle Covid-19 during the pandemic. The Multi-Clean team also uses Consume Bio Eco-Lyzer which is an amazing quaternary-based formula that is intended to destroy and kill pathogenic bacteria. The Multi-Clean team has discovered that the Consume Bio Eco-Lyzer works amazingly well in restrooms. We have also discovered that this product works best in school restrooms, where little boys tend to have bad aim and miss the floor. The urine then gets into the wall, behind the baseboard. The Consume product, when used correctly, gets behind the baseboard and kills the urine and eliminates the odor that schools can struggle with in their restrooms. Multi-Clean also uses some of the best floor finishes in the world which are made at the Spartan Chemical Companies home office here in the United States. They manufacture their chemicals in Ohio. The floor Finishes that Multi-Clean uses is On & ON, and I-shine floor wax. The owner of Multi-Clean has great trust that each order that Multi-Clean receives from Spartan will be consistent, which keeps our teams cleaning your building doing a great job from day to day.

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NABC – Non-Acid Bowl Cleaner

By far one of the most popular cleaners that Spartan Chemical company manufactures is the NABC restroom cleaner. Many other manufacturers have attempted to copy the very fresh fragrance that comes from the NABC restroom cleaner. In Restroom Cleaning Tulsa the NABC product is a very good disinfectant and kills many bacteria. Those bacteria include anti-biotic resistant bacteria…NABC works at eliminating Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus. This form of Staph is also known as MRSA. The NABC product has also been proven to kill the pathogenic virus HIV-1 and influenza on nonporous surfaces. The NABC product is safe and contains no acids, or abrasives that will damage porcelain or stainless-steel water fountains. The pH of NABC is 7, or neutral. Because the NABC product is non-caustic if it is accidentally spilled on carpet or clothing, it can be easily wiped away. The Multi-Clean team is a big believer in the NABC product.


Clean-on-the-go Glass Cleaner

Multi-Clean uses the glass cleaner in the clean on the go format. We purchase this product from Home Depot Pro in the super concentrated form, and then dilute the chemical in the recommended clean on the go dispenser provided by Spartan Chemical Company. In Restroom Cleaning Tulsa, we believe this is a superior product for cleaning glass, windows, mirrors, and surfaces. The Multi-Clean team uses this on all surfaces, and it wipes clean with no residue.


Acid Bath & Shower

Most restrooms and showers have difficulty with hard water. Most Restroom Cleaning Tulsa cleaning companies struggle with how to maintain the hard water issue. The Acid Bath & Shower clean is a mild acid and attacks hard water that can build up on the insides of toilets and on water fountains. When cleaning the water fountain, we recommend spraying directly on the stainless steel, allow it to sit for a few minutes, then use a wet paper towel to rinse the acid off the water fountain. Once it has been well rinsed, then we recommend that it be dried with paper towels. Same with the inside of the toilet, the Multi-Clean team will spray the Acid Bath & Shower on the inside, allow 3–5-minute dwell time and then use the nylon bowl mop to swirl inside the toilet and then flush the toilet to take the chemical and the hard water away.

The Multi-Clean Restroom Cleaning Tulsa team can provide any of our customers with an up-to-date SDS sheet on any of the chemicals mention here. You can also see the SDS sheets at the Spartan Chemical Company website.

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