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CRU’s goal, formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ, is to expose the entire world to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The strength of CRU is in their ministries on the university and college level. CRU currently works in approximately 2,300 campuses and various locations. CRU also engages and develops over 100,000 students and faculty throughout the campuses in the United States and around the world.

Campus Crusade for Christ, CRU, is committed to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Their mission is one of winning, which includes evangelism and winning people to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Building, which includes getting students, individuals, and faculty into a discipleship program so they can also grow in their relationship with Jesus. And finally, is sending, which includes sending missionaries into the “uttermost parts of the world” and locally to spread the message of good news. 

Practical Applications of CRU

The worldwide team of CRU is committed to spiritual growth throughout the world. This commitment also includes practical steps to help those in need. Some of the areas that CRU works with individuals and family is listed below:

  1. Encouraging families and individuals in their everyday lives.
  2. Tips and Seminars on how to improve your marriage.
  3. How to be a better student and faculty member to your school
  4. How to help your local church to be more effective in reaching out to others. 


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Keith Wheeler began his journey of carrying the cross around the world in 1985. He has carried the cross in 185 countries, and Keith has walked over 27,000 miles throughout the world. Keith has carried the cross throughout many nations, and through many world conflicts.  Keith has seen war in Libya, Bosnia, Rwanda, and during the Bethlehem standoff. During this time, he has been arrested several times and has even been put in prison. 

Keith believes that the message of the cross translates beyond language and cultures. God has spoken to him and believes that God wants him to be a “Pilgrim of Peace” to the uttermost parts of the earth. 


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Justin Wren, also known as the ‘Big Pygmy” founded Fight for the Forgotten to help change the lives of the forgotten tribes located in the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo. His focus is to help with clean water, teaching, and to give the Pygmy communities in Africa empowerment over their lives, their families, and their land. 

Fight for the Forgotten in the Batwa Whole Community Development Project, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This community is a self-sustaining whole village that provides clean water, health, education, and work opportunities for the Batwa people. The goal of Fight for the Forgotten is to give the community training, excellent stewardship, leadership and give power back to the community, women, and children.

This whole community development projects helps the Batwa people with the following sustainable projects:

  1. Clean Water
  2. Solar Lighting
  3. Health Centers
  4. Sustainable Agriculture
  5. Bee Keeping

Multi-Clean is proud to be supporting Fight for the Forgotten, knowing that the profits from our company is helping communities and individuals around the world. Most of these people we may never meet. 


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Destiny Builders was started by an Amazing couple, that Multi-Clean has been blessed to be a part of their lives for over 20 years. Kevin and Karen Hardin wanted to have a ministry that existed to build those who have been broken down, restore hope to the peoples of the world that have felt defeated and lost. “Some of you will rebuild the deserted ruins of your cities. Then you will be known as a rebuilder of walls and a restorer of homes”  Isaiah 58:12

Karen and Kevin seek to rebuld and encourage pastors through Asia, including Cambodia and other Asian countries. They are helping these families by giving them mentoring, training and life long friendships.