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Multi-Clean Professional Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Service has been servicing the Tulsa and Oklahoma City markets for over 30 years. Our owner, Kevin Thomas, has over 33 years of experience in Janitorial cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Floor Waxing, Disinfecting Service, and many other services within the Janitorial field.
Floor Cleaning Tulsa has always been at the heart of the Multi-Clean story of success. Day in and day out floors are continually getting dirty, streaked, bleached, damaged and need Professional Floor Cleaning Tulsa service. You can certainly count on Multi-Clean to have the knowledge and the technology to keep your floor clean, swept, fresh, buffed and waxed at your request.

Floor Cleaning Tulsa can be put into several different categories. Those categories can be light floor cleaning, medium floor cleaning, and then there is deep floor cleaning. Light floor cleaning can include just simple mopping, as well as simple carpet cleaning. Whenever a janitorial technician for Multi-Clean is performing light cleaning, they are mopping in an environment where there are most offices. The reason offices are so easy is that there are generally not a lot of outside visitors visiting the offices. The Multi-Clean cleaner is only mopping up after the people that work in that office. Most of the time in offices such as lawyers’ offices, and banks, the clientele and the tenants within the building are cleaner people which allows the Multi-Clean cleaning crew to use a light mopping. When lightly mopping the cleaning crew has a choice to use a traditional mop and mop bucket, usually filled with a little amount of floor cleaner. The Multi-Clean crews traditionally use the product called Clean by Peroxy when mopping the floors in the light version.

It is simple to fill the mop bucket with the provided hose by the customer, we always fill the mop bucket first with water, and then add the floor cleaner, Clean by Peroxy, which is manufactured by Spartan Chemical Company. When adding the floor cleaner last, this keeps the water and chemical from foaming up. The foaming up can leave residue on the floors.

When mopping a floor that is mildly dirty in Floor Cleaning Tulsa, the cleaner may need to consider cleaning the floor twice with a solution such as Clean by Peroxy by Spartan Chemical Company, or another ph neutral chemical type of cleaner. When the floor is mildly dirty, the Multi-Clean crew may want to consider a mild degreasing solution to help break up any oils that might be on the floor. Oil can accumulate on any type of flooring, especially in a manufacturing type of facility. It is important when using a mild or heavy degreaser to make sure and rinse the floor with an acid rinse, as the floor could possibly go into an alkaline lock and then the degreaser will not be able to remove all of the soil. An alkaline lock is when there is so much buildup on the floor that a simple degreaser is not effective to remove dirt and soil from the flooring. The Multi-Clean team highly recommends using a lower ph floor cleaner to bring this back to a neutral state. Neutral floors are much easier to maintain when these floors are taken care of with the proper mix of chemicals.

Sometimes when the Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Floor Cleaning crew does a deep clean for a customer, they will use a stronger chemical such as a degreaser, and then back off to the Clean by Peroxy to maintain the floor on a regular basis.

When performing deep cleans on floor, or when complete stripping and waxing is needed for Floor Cleaning Tulsa, the Multi-Clean team will use a stronger degreaser, or they will use a floor stripping solution to remove all the old wax, dirt, grime and debris off of the floor.

It is always important in Floor Cleaning Tulsa to make sure that the floor is prepared in a way that allows the Multi-Clean Floor Crew to be able to flow through the job without having to stop and pick up debris and remove gum etc. from the floor. It is important to take this very important step before water hits the floor with the stripping solution.
Multi-Clean uses several different types of pads for floor cleaning Tulsa. When the floor only needs a light clean, the Multi-Clean team recommends using the red floor pad. When the floor is dirtier, we recommend using a green pad. When the floor is extremely dirty or when the Floor cleaning crew needs to strip and wax the floor, we recommend using a black pad or a high performance pad. The High-Performance pad, otherwise known as Hi-Pro, is by far the most aggressive floor pad available on the market. There are several manufacturers of the High-Performance pad. Among those manufacturers are 3M and Norton.

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The Multi-Clean floor Cleaning Tulsa crew always uses a nylo-grit brush when scrubbing very difficult floors. The Mal-Grit brush can be found at the Malish Floor Company website. www.malish.com . The advantage of the Nylo Grit floor brush system is that the brushes are very tight and aggressive. Also, when performing strip and wax floor cleaning jobs, the Nylo Grit Floor brush does not “gunk” up like a standard floor pad can usually do.

In Floor Cleaning Tulsa, when encountering a floor that continues to have left over residue that will not seem to go away, the Multi-Clean floor cleaning team has the following recommendations.

  • It’s important to not use too much chemical when mopping the floor. This extra chemical is what can cause the residue to build up and actually not clean the floors properly due to the extra chemical that is present in the mop bucket.
  • Acid Pods – The Multi-Clean management and Tulsa Floor Cleaning team has used this process extensively over the past year. Very similar to the “Tide Pod” philosophy, the floor cleaning person puts the pod in the water which immediately makes the water acidic. Since the residue on the floor is mostly alkaline, the floor immediately becomes neutral and the residue is mopped up in the clean water. Sometimes it is necessary to be completed at least 2-3 times to get all the residue off of the floor.
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