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When you think of our great city of Bartlesville, you think of Frank Phillips, Phillips Petroleum and the Price Tower Arts Center created by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Its awesome that a town like Bartlesville has such a worldly impact in nations across the globe. The now Conoco-Phillips company is one of the leaders in Oil and Gas refinement in the United States. The technology that we bring from Bartlesville help the entire world be better and allows our town to thrive and grow strong.

Of course, Bartlesville has its history in the Delaware Indian nation. Bartlesville was named after Jacob Bartles who was the Son-in-Law of the great Delaware Chief Charles Journeycake.  Bartlesville was incorporated in Oklahoma Indian Territory in January of 1897.

New Technology

Bartlesville was the very first test site for the experiment into “pay cable television”. The locally owned Bartlesville Telemovie System debuted with the movie, The Pajama Game staring Ms. Doris Day, and was shown into over 300 homes in the Bartlesville area.  “First Run Movies are now at Home” was the headline in the Magazine Variety. For this reason, there are many new companies in need of Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa!

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Price Tower and Frank Lloyd Wright

The Price Tower located right here in Bartlesville, is an amazing and spectacular building made of concrete and beautiful copper. The tower was originally built for Howard C. Price as an office building for his company’s corporate office. Frank Lloyd Wright’s goal was to visually connect the inside of the building with the landscape on the outside of the building. The large windows made great emphasis to look out and seek to view the gorgeous Oklahoma prairie. The tower was built in 4 unique quadrants, based on an interesting geometry never seen in any building before. In 2007 the Price Tower became a National Historic Landmark. Because of this landmark, there are many great businesses that have come to Bartlesville! As a result, many business are searching for great Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa and Bartlesville!

The History of Phillips and Conoco

Brothers Frank and LE Phillips make their first major discovery of oil in the Bartlesville area in 1905. The Anna Anderson #1, which was drilled on Delaware Indian territory starts a strong of over 80 successful drilling projects. Phillips Petroleum company was incorporated in 1917 the Frank and Lee Phillips in Bartlesville. They also had a younger brother named Waite Phillips who was responsible for the Philmont Scout Ranch.

The first refinery was started in 1927. In Borger Texas, it was designed to produce gasoline for aviation and high-octane jet fuel.

Currently the Conoco Phillips company is the largest employer in the city of Bartlesville, and also in the Osage county. Conoco Phillips has many large buildings where these employees work, they also have a very extensive laboratory system on the outskirts of town. All of the downtown buildings are connected to by underground tunnels. These buildings and tunnels needed a great Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa and that is why Multi-Clean was started!


Bartlesville currently has 3 universities close by and inside the city limits. One is Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Oklahoma Wesleyan University is a private religious school that is affiliated with the Wesleyan church. The University currently has an enrollment of approximately 1100 students for the main campus. This is a large campus in much need of Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa and Bartlesville. Which, is why Multi-Clean is here to help!

Bartlesville also has Rogers State University. This is a public general education University that offers a wide variety of educational opportunities. There are also great career opprotunities at places such as Multi-Clean, the highest rated Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa company!

Tri County Technical College is a career and technical training center also located in Bartlesville. Tri County Technology Center offers many programs for high school and adult students along with short term classes as well. In 2018 Tri County Technical Center was recognized for excellence in performance and received the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award.


Bartlesville offers many opportunities and reasons for visiting the city. Some of the most notable reasons to visit Bartlesville is for the Price Tower, which was designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The Frank Phillips home, which is now a museum and maintained by the Oklahoma Historical society is also a fantastic and historic place to visit.

One of our favorite places to visit is the Woolaroc museum which is located southwest of Bartlesville. Woolaroc is located on 3700 acres and is still an active working Ranch. Woolaroc houses an exciting museum and many of the Phillips family extensive collections of Native American, fine art, as well as western art. Do not forget to visit the Buffalo while you are there. You will not believe how big these animals really are until you get an up-close look. It is important to keep our city looking clean and that is why Commercial Cleaning Services Tulsa is so important!

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